My wife insisted on customizing the cabinets in the whole house. I didn't expect the finished product to be so beautiful, especially the cabinets and wardrobes!

I bought a set of 207 square flats, which is very spacious and spacious. My friends say that it is necessary to decorate it luxuriously, otherwise such a big house is wasted, but I just like the simple and refreshing feeling, so I took the simple route when decorating it. When decorating the cabinets, it was entangled whether it was called carpentry or customized. My wife had to customize the whole house. I didn't expect that it would look very atmospheric after completion, especially the bedroom wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. The effect of cleaning after hard loading is still very good, and the overall effect is very beautiful. This is the living room. The sofa hasn't arrived yet, the coffee table and TV cabinet are a set, and the TV is already installed. The TV wall doesn't have any special shape, it is just pasted with wallpaper, and on the other side is the dining room, which is separated from the living room by a wide aisle. Even if the area is large, it is just a simple ceiling and whitewashing of the wall. Looking from the living room to the dining room, the area of u200bu200bthe dining room is also very large. There is a circle of cabinets, besides the entrance cabinet, there are also side cabinets. This is the bedroom. The walls are painted blue. The bedrooms are all wooden floors. The cabinets in this room are darker in color. The bedroom area is very large, and the wall is simply whitewashed. The wardrobe occupies a whole wall, which is very large. The wall of this room was painted light blue, and the ceiling of the bedroom was simply a plaster line. The wardrobe here was made into an L shape, and the storage space was relatively large. The kitchen is also very spacious, with cabinets on the upper and lower floors. This style is relatively simple and generous, with some patterns on the wall tiles. From this angle, it can be seen that the internal space of the kitchen is relatively large, and the cabinet storage space on the upper and lower floors is quite sufficient. This is a bathroom with a toilet and shower head inside. The wash counter is outside the door, and the wet and dry separation is done well.
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