My husband insisted on spending 2,000 brick cabinets to save money. I was crying after seeing the effect!

When the decoration reaches the stage of ordering the cabinets, I originally planned to make it to order, but when asked outside, it would cost tens of thousands, and it would cost 5,000 to 6,000 yuan. Thinking about it, it’s really expensive. In fact, the cost of this item is not high at all. I don’t know why those businesses dare to mess around. Make a price! I figured out that if I spend so much money on the soft furnishings behind, I guess I won’t have much money to toss about, so my husband said to find a master to build bricks, the cost is low, but I think who is still making brick cabinets these days. I was afraid that it was not fashionable enough, but in the end it was compromised. Let’s show everyone the process and effect. The first step is to build the frame; the kitchen area at home is not large, so it is quite fast. After the frame is set up, the countertop is processed, and cement is poured on it, and then a layer of steel is used to pave the cement. In this way, the bones are not at all at all, and they are very durable. The cement countertop is done, it is really ugly to be honest, it is the same as the kitchen in the 1950s, but the master said it looks good with the tiles on the back, so wait slowly. I have tiled it. This tile is the same style for the balcony, so it feels more coordinated and looks a bit darker in color. Now that the wall tiles are pasted, we are going to start pasting the tiles inside the cabinet. The tiles inside are light-colored, and then the door frame is processed; this is a drawer made of woodwork, plus the hardware that I bought, it doesn’t look very complicated. The ceramic tiles on the inside and outside of the countertop are pasted, and the place for the range hood and stove is reserved. The cabinet doors, hardware, and stove are all well-equipped, and the cost is not high. There are more than 2,000 labor and materials. Why do I still think it is not good? My friends say it is not good. Some people complain about it like the old ones. Public places, oh, what's the problem? It's puzzling!
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