my country has entered the era of mobile internet, where are the cabinet products going to be sold?

In recent years, the state has poured billions in support for the 3G industry, making the entire 3G industry promising. Many owners of social development industries are striving to get closer to the 3G mobile Internet, hoping to catch the early ride of 3G development. The same is true for the cabinet industry. The squeeze of e-commerce portals, the increase in regional marketing costs, and the increasing transportation costs have all become stumbling blocks hindering the development of the cabinet industry. However, the development prospects of cabinets as rigid items are still very broad. The key lies in understanding How to develop.

   Looking at the cabinets and other retail industries, the sales model with stores as the core still exists, but the sales performance of the stores has been declining because this part of the owners did not take into account the current furniture market consumers. Nowadays, the main consumer in the home furnishing industry is the post-80s and even the post-90s. Regardless of the price requirements of customers, their requirements for quality are not slacking. This part of the main consumer is mostly the new generation of social forces and belongs to the leading figures in the Internet age. They are more inclined to learn about market conditions and purchase behavior from the Internet, which is the current status of the cabinet industry.

   Insiders in the industry realized the eagerness of the online market early, and organically integrated the home furnishing industry with the online market. And under the hot situation of home furnishing portal website operation, keeping up with the trend of the times, creating an industry 3G client, effectively using the multiple advantages of the network and mobile Internet, to overcome obstacles and open up roads for the current and future development of the industry.

   Where the customer buys, we will sell it wherever we can, so that we can produce results. This is also the original intention of the 3G client. Everyone in the home building materials industry knows that it is very important to have a firm foothold in one place. If you want to become bigger and stronger, you must go out. However, the cost and risk of marketing and promotion in a different place are very high. This is why most cabinet merchants can't stop. The reason before. However, the emergence of 3G Internet perfectly solves all the previous concerns. The most important overall marketing and promotion links can be completed through a mobile phone, saving time and effort and less risk, and the distance between customers and merchants has been shortened.

  Industry experts said that such an attempt is bold, but it is worthy of recognition. The 3G client contains many advantages such as detailed and rich content, timely and accurate industry information, and a wide range of business options. It also takes into account the customer’s With multiple needs, the relevant sections and columns of the counter have been added, and it is obviously quite innovative to combine and drive the items sold by each other together. Customers have more choices, and it has become easier to obtain relevant information, which is of great help to the promotion of orders and achieves the purpose of saving costs and creating value.
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