More and more people don’t buy cabinets at home.

More and more people don’t buy cabinets at home. Our living room and bedroom will have some cabinets. There are so many pots and pans in the kitchen. Of course, there is also a cabinet for storing these odds and ends. If there is a whole cabinet in the kitchen, the kitchen will look much cleaner. However, some people are not so rich at home, and the price of the whole cabinet is very expensive. When they are faced with whether to buy a whole cabinet, they will hesitate, after all, this is a high expenditure for them. If you create a financial burden for yourself in order to buy a whole cabinet, it is not worth the gain. Therefore, for this group of friends, buying whole cabinets is an irrational approach. The cabinets in shopping malls are generally made of wooden materials, and the kitchen is also a relatively humid environment. Wooden materials cannot be placed in this environment for a long time. Unless it is a special wooden material, it will not be too much. It may be broken in the year, and by that time everyone has to put on a new cabinet. I think this should be the result that everyone does not want to see. In addition, the cabinets in the mall have already taken shape. This kind of cabinet with a fixed height and volume is not necessarily suitable for our kitchen at home. If you have very high requirements for the decoration style of your home, then we can learn another approach. For example, we can ask a decorator to come and build a cabinet suitable for our own home style. The cost of this is also lower than buying a finished product. cupboard. The method of building a cabinet is very simple, similar to our building a house, as long as everyone designs a floor plan before actually starting the construction, and then prepares the basic materials such as cement, red brick and ceramic tiles, we can start construction. Of course, if you have any ideas, for example, what requirements do you have on the size of the cabinet, and what opinions you have on its shape, we can all make suggestions to the decorator. The biggest advantage of a custom cabinet is that it is still unformed, so we can express our opinions as much as possible and add some of our own ideas in it. Since the custom cabinet is made of red bricks and other materials, it will not be affected by the kitchen environment, and the role of this custom cabinet is not only for storage, we can also cut vegetables on it and put some heavyweight things on it. In the above, this is no problem. This approach seems to further increase the value of the cabinet. If the economic situation in your home is not very good, then we can also just use red and lime to build a cabinet, they all have the same function, but it looks very simple and its aesthetics is not as good as the decoration with tiles. It's just a cupboard. Except for appreciation of value, there is no difference in other aspects. However, the price of tiles is not very high. If you want to have a more attractive cabinet, then we can buy some better quality tiles to decorate it, which does not cost much.
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