More and more people are installing kitchen cabinets in this way, beautiful and practical, regretting knowing it is too late

More and more people are installing kitchen cabinets in this way. They are too witty and regret that they know it is too late. I bought a new house, and it took a lot of hard work to decorate. The decorating layman was racking his brains. It was always unsuccessful. He had no decorating skills at all. Like an illiterate who doesn't know big Chinese characters and has no cultural level, he can't decorate well. Financial resources and material resources may still be consumed, but the effect is not ideal at all. A little decoration experience will be different. The expected effect is not only achieved, but there is no need to worry about rework in the future. It is like a kitchen, which is used for three meals a day. It is very important to go to the finished place. The kitchen cabinets are properly installed before they can be used with confidence, so as to achieve convenience and speed to make delicious dishes. More and more people are installing kitchen cabinets in this way. They are too witty and regret that before they know that it is too late to renovate, the first master hired must be experienced and specialize in installing kitchen cabinets. Otherwise, it will be difficult to complete the initial work. Some workers only know the basic steps and are not familiar with the installation problems of kitchen cabinets at all. Only the master who installs cabinets knows how to install the cabinets. After solving the initial work, the subsequent processes can be completed step by step. The cabinet feet of the cabinet are the key. Of course, the bracket should not be ignored. Don't let the cabinet sink during installation. Take into account the load-bearing capacity of the bricks, because the house may last a lifetime, and the cabinets are also accompanied by this, and its preciousness It can be seen that if you need to chop meat, the load-bearing capacity will collapse, so we must pay attention to this situation. The compartments between the cabinet legs and the wall should be completed in order. The countertops are built at the end. The technique is easy, but there are also indispensable objects. The steel bars must be laid to make sure that it is fixed to control the countertops. Otherwise, a collapse accident will occur. Secondly, in terms of material selection for the countertop, the first choice should be marble that is easy to clean, scratch-resistant and practical. The cabinet doors have sliding doors and flat doors, you can decide according to your own habits and vision, or you can install both doors at the same time, so you can use it whatever you want, and it's very beautiful.
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