Model innovation creates advantages, second-tier cabinet brands also have room for development

The cabinet industry has developed to a certain scale. Although there are countless large and small enterprises, as the competitive situation gradually becomes clear, in the future cabinet market, only cabinet companies with their own unique advantages can lead the development of the industry. Of course, this does not mean that second-tier brands have no room for development, but that more attention needs to be paid to model innovation.

  Four types of cabinet companies will play a leading role

   The first category of cabinet companies are large-scale manufacturing and cost-leading companies. It is certain first-line brands in the cabinet industry that maximize this connection. They will use large-scale production to reduce manufacturing costs to create their own competitive advantage.

   The second category is a large number of low-quality and low-cost small manufacturers. The guerrilla warfare is the foundation of their lives. Any cabinet manufacturer, in order to become a brand-based enterprise, must shape the brand and build channel competitiveness. What this cabinet manufacturer lacks is consistent execution. Many ideas look beautiful and sound tempting, but once they reach the market, they can't be implemented.

   The third category is technology-leading companies. They have the best Ru0026D system, best technology and original products. In the future market, they will have a place in the high-end market.

   The fourth category is marketing-oriented enterprises. Brands and channels are their competitive advantages. Of course, the prerequisite is that they have a good product. The most outstanding part of marketing is the home appliance industry and the Internet industry. Although the cabinet industry is a low-profile product, there are many tricks to learn from.

  Cabinet enterprises must carry out model innovation

  How to carry out model innovation and take a path that suits oneself is the primary issue that the person in charge of the cabinet enterprise should think about in the future. The first is the issue of marketing innovation. You can start with market promotion, integrate various resources for innovation, and form brand influence.

   The second, of course, is the issue of execution. There are many potential factors behind it, because the first-line leading brands already have a complete and systematic channel model. For secondary brands to achieve a marketing breakthrough, the mixed channel model is the way out, which will inevitably enhance the company's executive power.

   The current second-tier brands in the cabinet industry are struggling to make breakthroughs. Regardless of the general environmental factors, the marketing perspective is relatively narrow. Their every move is to learn from the first-line cabinet brands in the industry. It should be noted that the time to learn the industry's first-line brands has passed. Missed the best opportunity, the effect will be greatly reduced. Terminal input, material support, promotion support, price protection, shopping guide training, software support, etc., and direct supply mode, all require the second-tier cabinet brand to make arrangements based on the actual market conditions. Blindly follow the model of first-line brands.
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