Mobile Internet dominates the future, cabinet companies build user service layout

Mobile Internet is a new stage of Internet development, and because mobile Internet has a positive significance for information consumption and economic development, it will drive other industries to achieve new development. Cabinet companies must also pay attention to the huge business opportunities contained in mobile Internet.

   cabinet companies to face the mobile Internet-led future

  In our country, mobile communications have begun to dominate information consumption. Especially in recent years, various mobile Internet applications have emerged one after another, and information consumption has become a new engine of economic growth. Industry insiders pointed out that mobile Internet not only makes a significant contribution to GDP growth, but also plays a key role in driving the development of other industries. It is estimated that by 2015, my country’s information consumption will exceed 3.2 trillion yuan, driving new growth in related industries. The output will exceed 1.2 trillion yuan. Therefore, the vision of cabinet companies must face the future. Whoever can dominate the mobile Internet industry will be able to win the initiative in the fierce competition in the technology industry.

   Build a layout that provides personalized services around consumer groups

   The core of the mobile Internet era is human being. 'Things gather by category, and people are divided by groups' are realized more quickly in the era of mobile Internet. If cabinet companies serve users in the same way as before, they will only become increasingly dissatisfied. With the individual needs of users and the rapid development of self-media, cabinet companies must build a whole industry chain to provide users with more personalized services, and it can be expected that the layout of the whole industry chain around the crowd will become the mainstream.

   Detailed and follow-up implementation of user management and data management orientation

  In the era of mobile Internet, user management and data management have been given newer meanings. Surveys based on multiple channels, including merchants and consumers, show that the referral rate of retail customers for many furniture brands and channels is about 30%, and the proportion of trusted information channels is even higher, and the social circle of acquaintances accounts for 40% , And with the continuous improvement of the level of information symmetry, this proportion will continue to increase. This actually reflects the advancing of the new trend of 'products/services are marketing, and users are channels'. Therefore, in the new business era, the main focus of cabinet brands should be to continuously improve every detail of their own business, and gradually realize 'user-led' instead of staying at the slogan stage of 'user-ledCompetitor-oriented.

   Cabinet companies need to keep in mind that on the road of mobile Internet development, opportunities and challenges go hand in hand, scenery and risks are accompanied; the unknown is more than the known, and there is always a story; subversion is not news, everything is possible; success is difficult to replicate , Only innovation is eternal.
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