Metal handle prevents damage


Metal handle is the most common kind of hardware accessories. Let’s take a look at the following points.

First, when choosing hardware accessories The model, specification and performance can meet the requirements of the current national handle standards and related laws and regulations, and choose the size that meets your own installation

Second, the hardware installed with fastening screws must be equipped with metal backing plates. The thickness of the plate should be at least 2 times greater than the tooth pitch of the fastener. Non-binding plastic materials are also not allowed to use non-metal linings.

L34 handle

Aluminum alloy material

Type B: tube body black, matte Finish

S type: chrome-plated tube, bright finish

The handle is extruded from aluminum

Mounting: with threaded hole

Use: can be used for kitchenware, numerical control equipment, testing equipment, medical equipment, etc.

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