Meipan participated in the recording site of CCTV's large-scale program 'Creative Life'

Meipan participated in the recording site of CCTV's large-scale program 'Creative Life'

  The rising influence of Meipan has attracted the attention of people from all walks of life. It has become more and more prominent in the integrated stove industry. Recently, Meipan was strongly invited to participate in the recording by the 'Creative Life' column team and became a key recommended enterprise for the large-scale CCTV program 'Creative Life'.

   Meipan let more people understand Meipan, the wolf culture of Meipan enterprise, the value of Meipan brand, and the plan of listing of Meipan through CCTV's 'Creative Life' column, Meipan is moving towards The brand strides forward to cover more blank areas. Meipan’s 'Happy Family has Meipan' is no longer a slogan, but may help more people who desire a happy life to realize this wish.

   The host of 'Creative Life' conducted a home interview with the chairman of Meipan. Mr. Huang explained the development process of Meipan. The firm belief in making Meipan bigger and stronger moved the host. She believed in beauty. Hope will succeed, and sincerely hope that Meipan, like the column name of 'Chuangxiang Life

   'Creative Life' came into being to actively respond to the call of the country, escort small and medium-sized enterprises in various industries, explore industry pioneers, and set up models of innovation and entrepreneurship; at the same time, it can better assist the China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition to complete high-quality corporate publicity service.

   This column is a documentary on CCTV's large-scale corporate brand. The column team explores traditional industries, innovative fields, characteristic agriculture and other industry pioneers to take real-life shooting at the company's location, using the real-life business as the carrier, combined with guest interviews and customer reviews , Scene simulation and other diversified forms, truly show all-round corporate brands such as corporate philosophy, core values, brand products, and elite teams. Let the audience truly understand the company's development history, product details (services), etc., and establish an industry standard (preparing to go public) image for the company, and improve brand awareness and competitiveness.

   'Creative Life' interview with Meipan will be broadcast on CCTV II, CCTV Securities Information Channel, CCTV, Youku Tudou, iQiyi, Sohu Video, Netease Video, Wasu TV, etc., so stay tuned .
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