Master the data management system, the cost advantage of cabinet enterprises

The power of China's manufacturing is well known, but when it comes to creation, many manufacturing companies often retreat. It can be seen that in order to stand among the world's brands, Chinese cabinet companies still need a lot of work. The key to becoming stronger and bigger lies in innovation. Cabinet companies must strengthen innovation in products, processes, management, etc., get rid of the traditional economic growth model, and truly keep pace with the times. Only then can they achieve a better future in the near future. Vision.

   Relying on data management to avoid staying in overcapacity

   In the past, my country mainly relied on resource consumption and labor dividends to develop its economy. Under the new normal of the economy, my country's economic structure has shifted from increasing capacity as the main focus to adjusting the stock to co-exist with superiority increments, and the industry is transforming to a high-end, sustainable economic model. Such changes have played a very good guiding role in the development of cabinet companies. At present, overcapacity is an indisputable fact in the cabinet market, and high inventory is not conducive to the healthy development of enterprises.

   In this situation, if cabinet companies can rely on big data to categorize, cross-compare, and sub-item the huge and complex data generated by specialty stores across the country to form useful information to guide companies based on different cities Preferences and the individual needs of different consumers are precisely customized products. They are in a true sense to meet the needs of consumers for personalized customized production, so as to truly focus on consumer needs, from product appearance, function, details, sales process, After-sales service and many other aspects, by examining your own production and operations, you can avoid staying in the era of overcapacity.

   Cost of Ownership Advantage Solve the conflict between customization and scale

   In addition, with the introduction of big data management, cabinet companies can also resolve the conflict between individual customization and mass production, establish a cost-oriented business model, and establish unique advantages in products and processes. This will help cabinet companies to open up a blue ocean market with cost advantages in the custom home furnishing market, and avoid fierce competition for product homogeneity.

   Big data management greatly saves the cost of cabinet companies, which is reflected in the production system and sales design and analysis system. After the design plan is determined, each part of each cabinet will be split and transformed into one number after another, and the production of each machine is commanded by means of big data. Under this circumstance, the production efficiency and material utilization rate can undoubtedly be greatly improved compared with traditional cabinet manufacturing enterprises. In the communication and sales link, cabinet companies can also make quick matching and fine-tuning for customers through existing cases in the database, saving a lot of communication time and costs.
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