Market ecology has changed, cabinet companies continue to lead the transformation of e-commerce

Times are constantly changing. No matter how much advantage cabinet companies have in the past, they can no longer stand still and stay where they are. Under the invasion of the Internet wave, cabinet companies must focus on core products and service reputation while making changes and adjustments based on user needs, so that they can truly continue to lead the transition runway.

  The cabinet industry should be transformed into user thinking

   The Internet and e-commerce have not fundamentally changed household products, but they have changed the business ecology. Because of the transparent development of consumer information, consumers 'instantly become expertsThe direction of development is irreversible! 'Internet thinking' is precisely transforming the cabinet industry, an industry full of 'manufacturing thinking

   However, in the exploration of e-commerce, many cabinet companies are still confused: Are they doing sales and ranking in B2C e-commerce systems such as Tmall and JD? Or is it determined to build its own O2O marketing platform? Traditional cabinet companies are more likely to survive and develop in the business operation of 'stable and steady'. In the emerging but powerful Internet era, it is even more important to find a support point for making strategic judgments.

   Faced with selection problems, still need to pay attention to e-commerce reform

   It is true that in the current environment where e-commerce is the mainstream development, disputes between e-commerce and traditional distribution channels have emerged. To the seemingly beautiful hinterland of e-commerce, the brutal growth model of product retail from hypermarkets is facing a new turning point: whether to expand or transform e-commerce has become a problem for many companies.'

   Regarding whether to do e-commerce or not, many practitioners said: 'Not all companies are suitable for e-commerce.' Modern enterprises must master marketing methods, and e-commerce will gradually replace traditional business models. As a company, only by increasing investment in e-commerce and always paying attention to the latest changes in e-commerce can it truly be at the forefront of the market.
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