Major brands in the kitchen appliance market go high-end

Double 11 was originally called the 'Singles' Day' for singles, but it was later packaged as an 'online shopping carnival' by e-commerce, which became the main battlefield of business wars and gave birth to a group of 'chop hands'. This year, Alibaba's single-day transaction volume on Double 11 reached 57.1 billion. Various home appliance brands have their own magical powers. The market competition is extremely fierce. AVC found that the double 11 kitchen and bathroom market has become a promotion festival for big brands this year, and the trend of high-end industry has been significantly strengthened.

  The main brands in the kitchen appliance market go high-end

   In this year's Double 11 kitchen appliance market, Fangtai, Boss, and Midea won the top three in this 'online shopping carnival'. Different from previous years, major kitchen appliance brands mainly promoted high-end products during Double 11 this year, using the opportunity of high shopping traffic to establish brand images among consumers, and at the same time lead the industry to upgrade. Specifically, from the performance of each category, the turnover of smoke stove packages accounted for 77.5% of the entire kitchen appliance market, becoming a market highlight; in the gas stove market, 8 of the TOP10 best-selling models are embedded gas stoves; in the range hood market, The main brands focus on European style hoods, and European style accounts for 49.5% of the TOP10 best-selling models.

  Hengqiang, a big brand of water heater

   In the double 11 water heater market, Midea, Haier, AO Smith, Wanhe, Macro entered the top five in the market, occupying 86.8% of the entire market, and brand concentration has been further strengthened. It can be seen that the major water heater brands have increased their promotional efforts on Double 11, which has resulted in a double harvest of sales and popularity. Double 11 has become a promotion festival for big brands. In terms of market segment performance, the double 11 water heater market is still dominated by electric storage and gas type, of which electric water heaters accounted for 46.2% of the water heater market, and gas water heaters ranked second with a market share of 7%. .

   Looking at the double 11 kitchen and bathroom market this year, it can be said that there are endless surprises and many hot spots. However, logistics is still the bottleneck of this year’s Double 11. How to solve the logistics of the last 1 kilometer is still a problem that many businesses need to think about.
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