Maintenance method of stainless steel handle


1. There are various styles of stainless steel handles, and the scope of use is also very wide. They can be seen everywhere in production and life. The advantages pursued by handles for different purposes are also slightly different. The first consideration for industrial handles is its load-bearing and durability, while the handles used in homes first need to be exquisite in style and comfortable to use.

2. Naturally, no matter where it is used, the handle is always dirty. How to deal with it so that the appearance and service life of the handle can be well protected? Alloy and stainless steel handles are almost non-rusty, so if they are dirty, they can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. If there is oily stains, you can add detergent or soap to the water to scrub the handles.

L35 handle

Use SUS304 material

Beautiful and practical

Installation: threaded blind hole

Use: testing equipment, kitchen utensils, food, machinery, etc.

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