Looking for terminal positioning, cabinet companies break away from homogenized disorderly competition

The prosperity of the cabinet industry has led to a large number of participants, which has brought about a chaos of uneven production capacity and operating standards, and there are not many brands that consumers are familiar with. A person in charge of a cabinet brand said that the rapid growth in demand has led to the expansion of the entire industry. Some companies that only care about profit and output value, neglect product quality, and neglect brand building will inevitably be forced to withdraw from the market in the next industry reshuffle.

  Brands in the cabinet industry are mixed

   At present, there are thousands of brands in the cabinet market concentrated in various regions of the country. So many products have poured in one after another in recent years, causing the current cabinet market to be overcrowded and uneven. This will inevitably lead to increased competition among manufacturers and premature reliance on price measures. In order to survive, most companies have to find ways to reduce costs in production and sales at the expense of consumer interests, resulting in the inability to guarantee product quality and after-sales service. As a result, consumer complaints increase and the industry image is damaged.

   lack of core technology for product development

  Many of the cabinet industry manufacturers have backgrounds in cabinet dealers or production masters. Compared with other industries, these two industries are undoubtedly less market-oriented. Although the development concept and functional design of the cabinets are not the same as that of the agents operating the stores, the backward marketing concepts and techniques make it not out of the shackles of the traditional sales model of the agent era, and basically stay in the product function-oriented and provide It is only cold products, extensive market operation, products are sold out, and there is a lack of in-depth communication with consumers. In fact, consumers expect more than just a product from a manufacturer.

   Since most manufacturers do not have their own Ru0026D department and core technology, they can only follow suit and imitate. Therefore, as long as a new product appears on the market, a large number of imitators will immediately appear. It can be said that no matter the variety, style and performance of the cabinets currently sold on the market are almost the same. Due to the general lack of individuality, this invisibly aggravates the chaos in the market and also increases the difficulty of consumers' choice and purchase.

   Lack of differentiation will lead to disorderly competition

   In the cabinet industry, although the cruel competition between enterprises and enterprises is still getting more and more fierce, in fact, it is not difficult for enterprises with cultural heritage and bright spots to reach the high end of the market. However, the situation is not optimistic. The cabinet industry is swarming up, the products are homogenized, lack of differentiation, new companies are constantly participating in the 'warThis is the result of the lack of differentiation and the root cause of disorderly competition in the market today.

  After more than 20 years of development, the cabinet industry has matured day by day, and well-known regional brands have also emerged, but the competition for terminals and channels has also begun to be fierce. Many big brands have good marketing positioning, can market the whole country and go to the world, some are positioned for export, and some are positioned for sales network construction in a certain area. All cabinet brands strive to find their own marketing terminal specialized positioning, which is bound to be beneficial to the development of their own brands.
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