Look for the brand to ensure quality, timely communication and repeated measurement

Nowadays, in the decoration process, in addition to paying great attention to the style of the living room and bedroom, the kitchen has gradually become the focus of people's attention. Because of its strong integrity and distinctive personality, custom cabinets have become people's first choice. However, with the popularity of customized integrated cabinets, many problems have begun to appear, such as size differences, countertop breaks, plate deformation, etc., which have brought a lot of troubles to consumers. So how to customize the whole cabinet correctly?

   look for brands to ensure quality

   Entering the cabinet market, people are dazzled by all kinds of cabinets. There are everything from domestic and imported products. It is really not easy to quickly distinguish the quality of the cabinets. Ms. Zhang, a salesperson of Shangpin cabinets, told reporters that there are hundreds of brands in the cabinet market nowadays, and the quality is mixed. Some seem to be foreign brands, but it may be done in a small local workshop from production to installation. , Its quality is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, when consumers choose cabinets, they must choose carefully. Even if some specialty stores are 'glossy

   In addition, regular cabinet brands are equipped with professional design teams and installation after-sales personnel. Even if some problems occur during use, they can be solved in time. This is difficult for an informal small workshop. of.

  Timely communication and repeated measurement

   Some consumers find that the custom-made cabinets are different from the original design. Solving the problem will not only delay the construction period but also cause economic losses. Mr. Xu, the salesperson of Yaju's integrated kitchen, reminded consumers to design integrated cabinets. Communicate with the designer in time. You can give the designer the relevant information in advance. In the communication with the designer, you should explain the situation of the kitchen and the needs of the family in as much detail as possible.

   In addition, it is necessary to measure the size well, usually at least twice. The first measurement is the initial measurement. Consumers, decoration companies and cabinet designers are required to be present and communicate fully. The second measurement is after the basic decoration of the kitchen is completed. This time the measurement size needs to be very fine, because it is directly related to the appropriate size of the cabinet when it is finally installed. Once problems are discovered, they should communicate in time to avoid economic losses.

   hardware accessories are equally important

   Many consumers often pay attention to style and color matching when customizing a whole cabinet, but they often ignore the choice of hardware accessories and countertops. Ms. Jiang, the director of Daxin cabinet design, told reporters that hardware accessories can be said to be the heart of the whole cabinet, with good quality. The hardware accessories can be used for more than 10 years, and the poor quality hardware may need to be replaced and repaired in one or two years. In order to reduce the budget of the cabinet cost, some cabinet manufacturers often use their brains on hardware accessories.

   Similarly, the cabinet countertops with the highest usage rate are also very important. Generally, good-quality quartz stone countertops can resist the penetration of kitchen acid and alkaline substances and high temperatures, and have a longer service life. Although low-quality countertops are cheap, problems such as bleeding, cracking, and deformation may occur after a short period of time, which brings a lot of inconvenience to use.

   Consumers can distinguish from the gloss, hardness, and feel of the countertop during the purchase process. A good countertop has a delicate touch and is not easy to break when knocked. Therefore, consumers must grasp the details during the selection process. To eliminate future troubles.
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