Look at the big data of China's cabinet industry in 2014 and view the trend of 2015

In 2014, the growth trend of the cabinet industry has slowed down significantly. Under this situation, how to grasp the overall development of 2015 and achieve a new leap in the new year is particularly important for cabinet companies.

   The topic of “2014 China Cabinet Industry Internet Index Research Report Annual Inventory” aims to provide an analysis of the 2014 China Cabinet Industry Index, Merchants Index, Consumption Index, Talent Index, and Brand Index from the perspective of the industry and authoritative Internet data. The industry presents a full range of objective, and spy on the various development trends of the cabinet industry in 2015, pointing out the direction for the future development of the cabinet industry.

  Industry Index-View the changing situation of the cabinet industry in 2014

   With the development of the Internet, big data has gradually landed, providing strong data support for the development of various industries. The development of the cabinet industry in 2014 is analyzed from the seven major sectors: from the search index and the BHI index, Look at the overall development speed of the cabinet industry; observe the demand distribution, popular searches, and news reports to understand the cabinet topics that consumers are most concerned about in the past year; through the e-commerce index, predict the future e-commerce road of the cabinet industry; look at the crowd index, Grasp where the cabinet market is mainly distributed and accurately grasp the consumer groups. Looking at the overall situation, in order to grasp the direction, cabinet companies need to be clear about the development status of the industry in order to better target.

   China Merchants Index-Unlimited business opportunities, all in China Merchants

   When cabinet companies get bigger and bigger, investment attraction will undoubtedly become the top priority. So under the current market environment, how should cabinet companies better attract investment and expand channels? This requires understanding the minds of agents, and what are their core needs: which grade of cabinets they tend to represent and what they are concerned about What is the problem. Only by first grabbing the 'stomach' of agents can cabinet companies grab their hearts.

  Consumption Index——Consumption generates demand, and demand leads the trend

   When the post-80s and post-90s gradually replaced the post-60s and post-70s, they became the mainstream of the cabinet consumer market. Can cabinet companies still respond to 'everything' with 'unchanged'? It seems a bit difficult. When the consumer group has changed, consumer demand will naturally change accordingly. These young and highly individual groups are slowly driving the reform of the cabinet industry. They will choose online shopping, which is convenient and trendy; their cultural level is relatively high, and their environmental protection and functional requirements for products are also higher... This time through the cabinet consumer index, cabinet product index, cabinet product consumption channel index, and consumer electronics The survey and statistics of five major aspects, including business acceptance and complaint index, have brought about the most fashionable trend and the most real consumer demand in the cabinet consumer market, which can be described as full of gold.

  Talent Index——Time can be missed, but talent can not be missed

   Every step of the development of a cabinet business, from customer service, management, to research and development, design, to production, sales, installation, and after-sales, is inseparable from talents. However, judging from the current situation of cabinet companies, the uneven distribution of talent positions and low educational level are not uncommon. Of course, there is a mutual choice between talents and enterprises, and job seekers should also pay attention to how to become talents in the cabinet industry.

  Brand Index——The most invisible power, the greatest wealth

  The cabinet industry has developed so far, it is no longer a simple competition between products, but also a competition between brands. A brand is not only an image logo, but also a conveyance of the spirit of an enterprise and a display of cultural values. It is intangible, but it is the most powerful. Relying on the objective Internet index, we compiled the 2014 online search volume, Double Eleven e-commerce sales, site popularity, agent attention and other four major lists, demonstrating brand strength and inspiring the future of the industry!

   is irrelevant to the current situation, it is difficult to know the trend, not knowing the trend, it is difficult to make a big thing. Looking forward to the heroes of all walks of life, 2015 will keep up with the trend and create greater glories!
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