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You'd be surprised how much dust and gook may have accumulated on them and how erasing that grime will give your home that extra shine. Kitchen cabinets are probably the worst in terms of filth but they are all in need of attention when neglected.

Here are a few tips on cleaning those hinges, which often evade the greater effort to tidy up the home. If you didn't already, it's probably a good idea to clean the cabinets first.

Things you'll probably need include: on old toothbrush, warm water, a cleaner (for example: baking soda, ammonia, household cleaners, dish detergent, rubbing alcohol, distilled white vinegar), a scrub sponge and maybe a screw driver in case you must remove the hinges. You may also need paint remover if such an issue exists.

Now, there are two directions to take:

1. Cleaning attached hinges: If the cleaning is a routine once-over then there's no need to remove the hinges.


2. Cleaning removed hinges:

You would only remove the hinges if you think the situation is really bad. If you've chosen this route be careful not to mix up the hinges of similar cabinets. Since they've been hanging in the same place for such a long time they may sit best back in their usual spot.

Furthermore, removing the hinges has the added benefit of being able to soak them before cleaning. This will loosen any solid residue making cleaning them much easier.


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