Large terminal stores become a symbol of big names, cabinet companies focus on system competitiveness

The rise of e-commerce has become an undeniable fact, but in the cabinet industry, although e-commerce has also given cabinet companies a sense of transformation, its impact has not yet been profound enough to directly oppress the survival of physical stores. According to a survey, there are signs of 'returning to physical stores' among consumers. 93% of consumers say that shopping in physical stores is “very convenient/convenient”, which is much higher than online (75%) and mobile devices (61%). Therefore, although e-commerce has brought about earth-shaking changes, in the cabinet industry, physical stores still occupy an absolute advantage.

  The construction of large terminal stores opens up the brand gap

   However, for e-commerce, cabinet companies have not failed to respond. The more obvious point is that Jianda stores have become a trend, and some stores in more economically developed cities even say that they do not have a foothold. , The venue of thousands of square meters at every turn creates a tall visual effect.

   It is undeniable that opening a large store has a great effect on enhancing brand image, increasing customer unit price, increasing transaction rate and store entry rate. For most first-tier brands, the construction of large terminal stores in important cities should have reached the final stage. Many cabinet brands have greatly widened the gap with second-tier brands by opening large stores.

   Stores need to form system competitiveness

   Therefore, some insiders predict that in the future, there are only a few big brands that can stay in the market, and the flagship store in a city will undertake the main terminal experience and transaction process. Cabinet dealers have to do brand management, and if they don't make layouts in large stores at this time, they will inevitably lose the initiative in the future competition. And the operation of terminal stores is even more important for the cabinet industry or brand in the growth period.

   Although in the new competitive environment, the operation of large stores will still play an important role, but it is worth noting that the operation of large stores nowadays is more than just the size of the store’s business area, the number of people, and the grade of decoration. , Its more important needs are reflected in the completeness of the product series, the perfection of the service system and implementation. Consumers will not pay the bill simply by competing on the surface. After all, there is still the old saying 'the shop bullies the customers' that sounds the alarm in the ears. Before opening a large store, a cabinet company must think clearly about whether the products, services and marketing of the large store can form system competitiveness and whether it can expand its market share with the advantage of the large store.

  Cabinet companies must return to the essence of sales-starting from in-depth insights into consumer needs and changes, combining these insights with merchandise sales strategies as their core competitiveness, and creating an irreplaceable shopping experience for consumers, can they be Win the first opportunity in a round of strategic transformation.
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