Large homes have gradually become actual operating models, cabinet companies need to take advantage of the momentum to move forward

At the time when the consumption level is getting higher and the demand is becoming more and more diversified, the one-stop integrated home furnishing procurement, that is, the development of large home furnishings, meets the needs of consumers to enjoy more humane, more convenient and higher-quality home furnishing services. , It will gradually become the current mainstream trend. Cabinet companies should adapt to this trend, constantly adjust their own production and business models, upgrade and continue to explore and innovate. This is the only choice to deal with the current market.

  big home has become the mainstream direction of the development of cabinet enterprises

   In fact, 'Big Home' has also transformed from a business concept to an actual operating model. There are more and more brands trying to make 'big home' in the cabinet industry. The multilateral interest chain and huge market space of 'big home' all make enterprises coveted. In the future, 'big home' will inevitably be the mainstream direction of more cabinet companies. one.

   High level of cabinet manufacturing, easier to adapt to other industries

   In fact, the 'big home' business model is most beneficial to the cabinet industry. The overall cabinet is an important home decoration space, and the types of cabinet products are diverse, the volume is large, and the profit margin is self-evident. From a technical point of view, the manufacturing process of cabinets is exquisite. It can be said that the manufacturing difficulty of cabinets is greater than that of other building materials industries. The difficulty of manufacturing cabinets means that the manufacturing level of the cabinet industry is high. The higher manufacturing level will inevitably reduce the difficulty for the cabinet industry to produce other building materials products. Correspondingly, the cabinet industry will have less time to master the marketing rules and trends of other industries, and it will take the shortest time to expand new market space.

  Extend profit momentum into related home furnishing categories

   On the other hand, cabinets are made of diverse materials, making it easier to innovate and design. In the consumer market dominated by personalized consumption concepts, cabinets can undoubtedly better cater to the needs of consumers. From the perspective of market demand, the cabinet industry can see that the market demand of the cabinet industry is much higher than that of other industries when the profitability rises against the trend in the general downturn of the market.

   If cabinet companies can also introduce other related home furnishing categories, from a single category of products to diversified products, it is more likely to expand the market, promote development, and succeed in developing more mature and well-known cabinet companies. Cross-border or even integrated customization.
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