Knobs applied on electronic devices


The knob is already half of the body buried in the grave. It was ten years ago, and no one would believe it.

You may remember the old-fashioned radios that almost every household had when they were young. The silver cylindrical knobs are engraved with scales evenly around them. One of the joys of childhood is lying on the side and flicking the knob. The sizzling electric noise on the radio and the babbling vocals and music alternately appear with the rotation, as if the emotional sound waves have been transmitted endlessly.

The T91 knob is made of SUS304 stainless steel

Chrome-plated steel nut, knurled at the end, easy to tighten, anti-corrosion

: Kitchenware, bathroom, medical and other places with special requirements for hygiene and environment, all machinery and equipment can be used.

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