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Knobs are rarely seen on mobile phones or computers. Let's not talk about the common devices now, smart phones, laptops, we basically can not see the figure of the knob. Even in an era when touch screens have not yet become a standard configuration, knobs are not the preferred interactive solution for most products.

But the knob has not completely disappeared. You can still see it in some specific places, such as the ECG monitor in the hospital, or the school broadcast The mixing console in the room still has controllers of various sizes on such professional instruments; some consumer electronic products also realize that the knob is intuitive and ready to use, so it is also used as an auxiliary interaction The program exists.

T67-instrument knob

Using polyamide (PA) material

Black, matte finish

Galvanized steel screw

Used for occasions with high working strength, it can be tightened in one step with foreign objects

Purpose: Three-arm knob can be used for heavy machinery and equipment, Facilities requiring high-strength such as electric control equipment

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