Kitchen decoration method


The kitchen is a frequently used area, so many people want to decorate according to their own habits, but because they don’t understand the method, they often get into some misunderstandings. How can they avoid all kinds of troubles? Below, I will introduce the kitchen decoration methods and misunderstandings.

How to decorate the kitchen

The kitchen is an area that is often used, so many people want to decorate according to their own habits, but because they don’t understand the method, they often get into some misunderstandings How can we avoid all kinds of troubles? Below, I will introduce the kitchen decoration methods and misunderstandings.

Kitchen decoration method

1. Operating platform height

When working in the kitchen, the height of the operating platform plays a decisive role in preventing fatigue and turning around flexibly . When you bend forward 20 degrees Celsius for a long time, it will put a great load on your waist, and in the long run, back pain will accompany your face. Therefore, the height of the platform must be determined according to your height.

Second, make full use of the effective space

The gap between the wall cabinet and the operating platform can generally be used, and it is easy to put some utensils needed for cooking, and some can also be used. As a simple rolling door, avoid dust from small electrical appliances. Such as food processors, toasters, etc.

3. The layout of the cabinets

Kitchen decoration must be thoughtful, especially for small-sized kitchens. It is necessary to save space, but also to be reasonably distributed and easy to operate. Kitchen decoration is necessary Many exquisite, the most basic concept of kitchen decoration is 'triangular working space.

Four. Electrical equipment embedded in the kitchen cabinet

Now the size of the kitchen is relatively moderate, and the electrical appliances are also brought into the kitchen much more convenient. According to the different needs of each person, the refrigerator, oven, microwave oven, dishwasher, etc. can be arranged in the appropriate position in the kitchen cabinet, which is convenient to open and use.

Fifth, the low cabinets in the kitchen are best made into drawers.

The push-pull type is convenient for access and visual. Wall cabinets are generally made of 30 to 4Ocm wide multi-layer grids, and the doors of the cabinets are made into splits or folded sliding doors.

Six. Lighting layout

Kitchen lighting needs to be divided into two levels: one is the lighting for the entire kitchen, and the other is the lighting for washing, preparation, and washing operations. In the latter, local lights are generally arranged in the lower part of the wall cabinet, and convenient switch devices are set up. The current range hoods with good performance generally also have lights, which are sufficient for cooking.

Seven. Children's safety protection

There are many places in the kitchen that should be considered to prevent children from being dangerous. If necessary expansion rails are set on the stove to prevent the pots and bowls from falling, all kinds of washing products should be placed in special cabinets under the low cabinet (washing pool), and sharp knives and other utensils should be placed in safe opening drawers.

8. Garbage placement

The amount of garbage in the kitchen is large, and the smell is also big. It is easy to put in a convenient dumping and hidden place such as the low cabinet door under the sink. A trash can, or a push-pull trash drawer. I wonder if the above points are helpful to your kitchen decoration.

Misunderstandings in kitchen decoration

1. The more cabinets are not necessarily the more useful

Some people are afraid that the kitchen storage space will be insufficient in the future, so they prefer to choose more cabinets Um cupboard. The choice of cabinets is not that more is better, but should be reasonable and effective. Too many cabinets not only take up part of the activity area, but also make the kitchen appear heavy and depressing.

2. Don’t use a single light source.

I believe you have had such an embarrassment: when you wash rice under the light of the ceiling lamp, even if it is too big, it will inevitably have a few bad grains. The rice is missed; sometimes, the cutting board is just under your shadow, and the cutting of vegetables has to follow the feeling. Today, this 'power saving eye' lighting method is out of date! The lighting design of modern kitchens is divided into two levels. In addition to the lighting of the entire kitchen, special spotlights for cabinets should also be added in the washing area and the operating table. This kind of spotlight is moderately irradiated, easy to switch, and free your eyes.

3. Pay attention to hardware accessories

Among all types of furniture, cabinets should be considered the most frequently used. The quality of hardware accessories directly determines the quality and service life of the cabinet. Therefore, when customizing cabinets, it is not advisable to use products of poor quality in order to save money. When choosing a cabinet, you might as well take a look at the hardware brand it uses. If economic conditions permit, you can choose higher-priced high-end hardware products.

4. The hood should not be too close to the stove

In order to enhance the function of the range hood, many people think that the closer the range hood is to the stove, the better. In fact, the effective distance of a range hood is usually 80 cm, and the smoking effect within this range is almost the same. Therefore, the range hood can be placed on this basis according to the height of the owner. The height of the hood is usually about 80 cm, and it should not be too high or too low.

5. Don’t ignore the inner quality when choosing a cabinet panel.

When choosing a panel, people often only pay attention to its appearance and surface performance, and only look at whether the outer surface is waterproof, fireproof, and scratch-free. , But ignored the inner core quality. The most direct way to distinguish the density of the board is to ask the salesperson to take out the panel model and observe whether the particles in the cross section are close.

The above are the kitchen decoration methods and misunderstandings for everyone. Do you all understand? For more home knowledge, please follow the website.

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