Kitchen cabinets want to be durable and waterproof. Remember to install more boards. It is a lesson of blood and tears.

Kitchen cabinets want to be durable and waterproof. Remember to install this board more. It is a lesson of blood and tears that we must not ignore the kitchen when decorating the house. The kitchen is also a place that is very worthy of attention. If the kitchen is not well decorated, it will be very uncomfortable to use in the future. Cabinets are indispensable for the kitchen. We must design the cabinets to be practical. Clever masters will add skirting boards to the cabinets, which can not only prevent garbage from entering the bottom of the kitchen cabinets, but also have a beautifying effect, which is simply too practical. Many friends have noticed that our cabinets are designed to be suspended, and a space at the bottom is empty. When we are cooking, it is easy to have residues and leftovers. Many round objects will also roll in, and it will be difficult to take out at that time. After a long time, bacteria are prone to multiply here, and there will be many mosquitoes in summer, which will bring us many bacteria and viruses, which will seriously endanger our health. The kitchen oil fume is also very heavy. The oil fume will adhere to every corner of the kitchen. After a long time, if we don’t take care of it, we will find that thick oil stains will accumulate in the hanging place under the cabinet, which will not only affect health, but also Will affect the aesthetics of the kitchen. Over time, these oil stains are not easy to clean, time-consuming and laborious, and will cause us a lot of trouble. If we install a skirting board, the hanging area of u200bu200bthe cabinet will be sealed, and the oil fume and garbage will not accumulate here in the future. The kitchen is clean and hygienic, and there will be no peculiar smell. By doing so, the propagation of bacteria can be fundamentally isolated, mosquitoes will no longer appear in the kitchen in summer, and the spread of bacteria can be reduced. If the master does not intend to install such a thing for us, we must remind him, because it is the residents who benefit from it and they must take care of themselves. We can ask the decorator to measure the size for us, we go to buy materials, and the installation is very simple. We can wait for the decoration of the house and add a few hundred dollars to the master, so that everyone benefits, and the design is too practical.
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