Kitchen and bathroom decoration problems are emerging one after another, new standards may be introduced next year

Recently, the Kitchen and Bathroom Engineering Committee of China Building Decoration Association and many first-line brand enterprises in the domestic real estate, decoration, kitchen and bathroom industries participated in the 'Technical Regulations for the Integrated Application of Fine Decorated Kitchen Space' and 'Technical Regulations for the Integrated Application of Fine Decorated Bathroom Space' Preparation work. In this regard, industry insiders said that these two standards will be a great opportunity for the development of the housing industry in the future.

  The problem of refined decoration kitchen and bathroom space continues

   'Buy a house and get decorationNowadays, real estate developers prefer the delivery mode of finished houses with refined decorations. At the same time, more and more consumers are also taking a fancy to the advantages of time-saving and labor-saving hardcover houses. However, many buyers recently reported to reporters that the kitchen and bathroom spaces in hardcover houses often have some problems, such as poor bathroom sewers, water stains on kitchen walls, and discoloration of wall paint. In this regard, Nian Zhiren, the chief engineer of Yuanzhou Decoration, said that the kitchen and bathroom space is one of the most expensive and most demanding spaces in the hardcover room. Once a problem occurs, it will reduce people's quality of life.

   A year ago, due to lack of understanding of decoration, busy work and other reasons, Xiao Sun has already purchased a set of hardcovered houses. However, after moving in, he was dissatisfied with the kitchen and bathroom design in the room: 'It is either that the pipeline connections are chaotic, or the drainage is not smooth.' Now, he decided to renovate the kitchen and bathroom space. Coincidentally, Ms. Ye, who just bought a hard-covered house recently, discovered when closing the house that the intricate pipeline has occupied the cabinet that should have been used as storage space: 'Where should I put the oil, salt, sauce and vinegar I bought in the future?' '

   Lack of standardization, barriers to industrial chain convergence have become restrictive factors

   'In recent years, although the market share of well-decorated houses has been increasing year by year, the quality problems of the kitchen and bathroom space of hard-covered rooms have emerged one after another.' There is a lack of standardized specifications, and there is no uniform standard for the acceptance of its project quality. The reporter learned that my country’s current standards for quality acceptance of residential projects are mainly the 'Code for Quality Acceptance of Building Decoration and Renovation Projects' and 'Methods for the Acceptance of Initial Decoration of Residential Projects'. The former does not specify the requirements for construction and home decoration in public places. Lack of pertinence, and the latter is only applicable to the inspection standards of the rough house, if it is applied to the hardcover house, it will appear to be stretched. 'The industry lacks uniform standards. Some real estate companies cut corners and irregular construction in the hardcover process for profit, resulting in frequent problems with the kitchen and bathroom space in the hardcover room.' Hu Yanan analyzed.

   In addition, Zhang Shujun, chief engineer of China Building Standard Design and Research Institute, said: “Finished residential decoration needs to be completed by real estate developers, decoration companies, and kitchen and bathroom product manufacturers. If the current market The inconsistency between the three parties, the re-installation of pipeline projects, the waste of kitchen and bathroom products, and the repetitive construction of resources will also cause waste of resources, which restricts the development of residential industrialization and supporting facilities.'

  The new standard involves decoration specifications and will help the industry develop

   is compiling the 'Technical Regulations for the Integrated Application of Fine Decorated Kitchen Space' and 'Technical Regulations for the Integrated Application of Fine Decorated Bathroom Space' undoubtedly provide more detailed guarantees for consumers of fine decoration. According to Hu Yanan: 'These two standards create a standard system for the integration of kitchen and bathroom space from the source, which mainly includes five parts: basic requirements, design, installation and construction, acceptance, maintenance, and maintenance. In terms of the lack of standard for hardcover rooms, from the perspectives of industries and enterprises, rationally plan and improve the indicators of integrated kitchen and bathroom space decoration, unify and standardize the same floor drainage, construction and decoration specifications, and barrier-free design, including design layout, Standardization and unification of materials application, construction acceptance, maintenance services, etc.' She said that once the standard is introduced, it will not only promote the development of residential industrialization, but will also drive the development of building materials and home furnishings, and the entire building decoration industry chain will also Close contact.

   'At present, although these two standards are recommended standards and have no mandatory binding force, they must be implemented by the enterprise once they are written into the contract.' Hu Yanan said that this is the first meeting of standard preparation, and the standard content will be based on participation. The recommendations of the preparation unit are constantly adjusted. She revealed that the two standards have clearly regulated the kitchen and bathroom space fine decoration standards, and the content is more detailed. It is expected to be completed in 2014, and may appear in the form of streamlined standards and practical manuals. She said that the introduction of these two standards will have a profound impact on the development of residential industrialization in the next 5-10 years.
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