Key talents become core resources, cabinet companies need to make strategic deployments

The global economy is continuously merging in the opening up. In order to adapt to the changes of the times, cabinet companies also need to continue to innovate to drive the forward development of the company. Therefore, cabinet companies urgently need talents with broad vision, strategic thinking and innovative ability, and it is particularly important to carry out correct strategic deployment.

  Key talents determine corporate competitiveness

   Cabinet talents include production management talents, marketing talents and design talents. Among them, cabinet companies need to recognize that key talents are the core and representative of the company, and are the soul and backbone of the company. They should build a core human resources 'blood transfusion' and 'hematopoiesis' mechanism, and grasp the employment principle of 'retaining, growing, and acquiring' . Because in the market economy, the competition between enterprises will ultimately be the competition of key talents. The number and quality of core talents determine the company's core competitiveness and the survival and development of cabinet companies.

   High-end design talents are still the most lacking

   In recent years, driven by the celebrity endorsement trend of first-line brands, more and more large-scale cabinet companies have begun to focus on brand building, and the echelon of marketing talents is also relatively abundant. As far as the current design capabilities of various cabinet companies are concerned, companies of general scale have their own large or small Ru0026D teams, but the demand for high-end design talents is still very urgent. Therefore, relatively speaking, the most lacking in the industry is high-end design talents.

  Cabinet enterprises do a good job of strategic deployment of talents

   Actually, the competition among cabinet companies is not the product but the competition of talents. To gain a firm foothold in the market economy, cabinet companies should also improve their own systems and systems, attract outstanding talents, and make good use of them. Retain outstanding talents. With the severe market situation, the competition in the industry has evolved from competition in the overall strength of cabinet companies to competition in the industry chain.

   This requires cabinet companies to have full awareness and be fully prepared for strategic actions. In fact, talent strategy takes priority over industrial development strategy. Any company should attach great importance to talent strategy. Excellent talent reserve and training are the most solid backing for the development of cabinet enterprises. Without talent strategy, industrial development strategy is just empty talk.
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