Just moved into a new home, the soft furnishings are beautiful before they are fully furnished. The custom cabinets in the whole house are worth the money.

After moving into a new home for a few days, the overall feeling is pretty good. After all, this is my first house and I have a touch of special feelings. Although the soft decoration has not been arranged yet, the whole is very beautiful. Some decorations are selected slowly to choose the most suitable one. The most satisfying thing is that the whole house customized cabinets. Friends say that the money is too valuable. Move to the public account → 'Fun Courtyard Decoration' can receive 4 sets of design plans. 3-4 decoration companies visit the house and make budget comparison It’s more cost-effective. The entrance hall is a place that many people envy, but many people say that the hallway is too wasteful of indoor area. The custom-made corner shoe cabinet has enough storage space and the low cabinet replacement stool is designed to be practical and beautiful. A corridor connecting the hallway divides the entire indoor space into two, a bit like the Chu River and Han boundary. Many people say that the entrance door can't go straight to the end. Now many of the apartments are very contradictory. Light-colored leather sofas with dark-colored decorative paintings look simple and attractive. The window side cabinet of the restaurant is the most satisfying place. It is not only beautiful, but also uses the corner space and saves a lot of space occupied by the wine cabinet. In addition, the rectangular dining table is lighter and simpler and easier to place than the round dining table. The kitchen has a U-shaped moving line design. The small space in the middle as an activity area does not appear to be crowded at all, and it is more convenient to take things. The vegetable washing sink is installed under the lighting window, and the light will be better to wash the dishes and see the dishes more clearly. At the same time, you can take a leisurely look at the outside scenery when you are busy. The bedroom is eye-catching. The wood-colored bed is matched with the translucent gauze curtains. The whole is still literary and fresh. It is covered with a layer of marble on both sides, and there are custom-made shelves and cabinets with tatami bay windows. The bathroom of the master bedroom has been changed to a walk-in cloakroom, and it is also a small study room and a dressing table. A modern-style bed with a gray texture and solid wood floor is more beautiful, but the solid color curtains are not very matched. The bathroom puts the sink outside, which is a very popular design at present. Friends who are preparing to decorate will give benefits to the editor. 4 free plans of room + design + renderings will be given for free. For more latest decoration information, please move to the public number [House Decoration] Click on the 'picture' below to get how much it will cost to decorate the new house in advance So you don't spend wrong money
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