Italian designer brand Arlex sanitary ware released, handmade customization leads the trend of luxury products

On May 31, at the 5th Chengdu China-Italy Brand Fair, Arlex, an Italian sanitary ware brand that was invited to participate, held a brand launch conference in Chengdu, which sounded the clarion call for Arlex sanitary ware to enter the domestic market.

  Arlex Chairman Chai Gang, Arlex brand founder and designer Ms. Mariluccia Baccin, Shaohaihui founding partner Xu Qiang, Arlex China head Zhao Jie, etc. were invited to attend, well-known domestic real estate groups and Arlex intending distributors , And more than 100 mainstream media from Chengdu and the whole country witnessed this historic moment.

   In 2017, Shaohaihui strategically invested in Arlex, focusing on the new retail layout of large homes, and introduced the entire range of products including Arlex sanitary ware and bathroom furniture to the Chinese market, filling the vacancy in the domestic high-end sanitary ware market. Arlex will be operated in China by Nawu Technology Co., Ltd., a member company of Shaohaihui. The brand release also indicates that the high-end bathroom brand Arlex will officially enter the Chinese market.

  As the founder and designer of the Arlex brand, Ms. Mariluccia Baccin shared her vision of the Arlex brand.

Ms. Mariluccia Baccin shares the brand story

  Ms. Mariluccia Baccin said that Arlex has always been adhering to the product concept of 'manual art

  Arlex has a wealth of designer resources, all over Europe, each product is original design and production. At present, Arlex provides luxury customization for private residences in more than 20 countries in Europe, North America, and the Middle East with its own unique design art. It also proposes a plan to customize 100 houses worldwide each year.

RIGHT monolithic pedestal basin, made of Carrara marble

   Ms. Mariluccia Baccin said that this is her first time to Chengdu. The entire city of Chengdu from planning to design and construction gave her a very shocking impression. For example, the Luhu Eco-city in Tianfu New District is beautiful: 'I think, Chengdu and Italy have a natural fit in design and manufacturing. Of course, Chengdu’s hot food is also about taste buds in life, works of art.'

Mariluccia Baccin is interviewed by the media

   Arlex sanitary ware founded by Ms. Mariluccia Baccin is favored by high-end users in more than 20 countries including Europe, North America, and the Middle East. The award-winning. The strategic layout of such an excellent product in China is naturally inseparable from the deep cultivation of the localized operation team. Zhao Jie, the head of Arlex China, explained this during the press conference.

Zhao Jie, head of Arlex China, explains brand strategic layout planning

   Zhao Jie said that Arlex is a member of the Shaohaihui ecosystem. Shaohaihui is a leader in China’s smart housing industry. The new retail layout of large homes with full coverage such as smart homes and smart hardware. In the future, Arlex will interact with more than 2,100 users across the country through Shaohaihui, conduct sales, and interact with large-scale domestic real estate companies and operators, as well as a series of sharpness design, wind-saving space, and Yile design. High-end design agencies negotiate and exchange, and make every effort to promote business cooperation with each other.

   Zhao Jie believes that Chengdu has a good humanity and living environment, has a large demand space, and has an international store like Fusenmei: 'We attach great importance to the Chengdu market and will establish a Southwest branch in the later period.'

   During the press conference, the guests present had extensive and in-depth exchanges, and reached a number of cooperation intentions on the spot.
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