It’s absolutely necessary to install cabinets in kitchen decoration. Smart people know it at first sight, and regret that they have only heard about it now.

Kitchen decoration must install cabinets in this way. Smart people can see it clearly. I regret that I heard that installing cabinets in the kitchen is very important. There are many benefits. In addition to increasing the storage space and making the kitchen look cleaner and tidy, it also It can block some areas in the kitchen that need to be covered, and it looks very beautiful. Before installing the cabinet, pay attention to the design, according to the storage needs and your own living habits, so that the cabinet is more practical and convenient to use, and it can save a lot of time and money. Pay attention to the details when installing the cabinets. If it is not handled properly, it will be very troublesome to move in. It is absolutely necessary to install cabinets like this in the kitchen decoration. Smart people can see it clearly, and regret to hear that it is too late. If the space under the sink is equipped with cabinet doors, remember that this place should not be equipped with a back panel. There are water pipes under the sink, and there are water inlet and outlet pipes. As people's living standards improve, kitchen installations Hot and cold water pipes are very common. At this time, a socket can be installed to facilitate the use of the Xiaochubao electric water heater. If the back plate is installed, it may also affect the use of the socket. Some friends think that they don't know how to install this kind of equipment, but if you want to install it in the future, you have to remove the back panel, which is very troublesome. It is necessary to leave space for future equipment when decorating the home. This place is where the water pipes are concentrated. If maintenance is required during the future use, a backplane will cause trouble for maintenance. And this place is very humid, the backboard is wooden, it is easy to be damp, rot, and moldy after installation. Then it will have to be dismantled. It is better not to install it at the beginning. In addition, when it comes to water pipes, there is a detailed problem of installation. The water pipes are divided into hot and cold water pipes. Please pay attention to install them separately. Another test is to wrap the hot and cold water pipes with tape, then open the angle valve and wipe with dry paper towels. If its interface and paper towel get wet, it means that the water pipe will seep and it will need to be reinstalled at that time.
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