It is incredible that there are so many styles of aluminum alloy handles


Aluminum alloy handles are the most common objects in our daily life and the most direct objects in contact with us every day. Its role is indeed huge. Next, we can simply make the handle styles that we can see in our daily lives. Let me explain.

Straight type, this kind of handle is the most common and the most widely used. It is mainly used in wardrobes, kitchen utensils, doors, tables, etc. With its own simplicity and linear appearance, Widely popular in the family, it is also indispensable for many open compounds. With the upgrading of consumer concepts and the demand for products, in order to cater to the young consumer groups, the straight handles are constantly innovating and breaking through in style design and appearance.

Bending type, this kind of handle with appearance shape is mainly used to bend the aluminum alloy profile into different angles through the pipe bending machine to form a bent state. Mainly used in more curved furniture, the use range is relatively single.

C type, this type is mainly the various equilateral sides of aluminum die castings after pressing, thus forming the appearance of each shape, including some arc-shaped, bridge-shaped semi-circular handles, such shapes The handle is still widely used.

The last thing to talk about is the combination type. This type of handle is through two A combination of different styles of profiles or die-casting products. In the pursuit of fashion trends and innovative mutations, its combination becomes more competitive. It can be matched with different colors and space to choose according to consumers’ preferences. relatively bigger.

The shape of the aluminum alloy handle is briefly described above for everyone. For more about handles, locks, door fittings, hinges and other products, please pay attention to the official website of Yantai Tanjia Precision Machinery.

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