Is the area of u200bu200bthe small-sized kitchen not big enough? Then make the cabinet into a straight shape

Kitchen cabinets are generally divided into four categories, one-shaped, L-shaped, U-shaped and double-row. For small apartments, the space in the kitchen is the same as the bathroom, which is basically not enough, U-shaped and double-row Type, most of which are not considered, L type and one-line type are the best choices. Today, I will share some one-shaped cabinet designs, and I hope there are ones you like. The flat-shaped cabinets are more suitable for small and narrow kitchens. A row of cabinets are made against the wall, and the light introduced by the windows and doors will not be blocked. The refrigerator, sink, and stove are on the same plane. If the length is sufficient, there will be space for the operation table in the middle. The wall is added with some storage, which is not bad for practicality. In the choice of color, choose according to the degree of brightness. For a brighter one, you can consider a darker color to appear more elegant. A darker kitchen needs bright color cabinets to light up. If you like cartoons, you can consider using blue and pink to construct a lovely space. Therefore, in the color matching, you can be more casual, just as you like. If it is changed to an open kitchen, which expands the overall space, one-shaped cabinets can consider adding a part of the operating table on the side, and change it to a similar L-shaped cabinet. The normal storage of flat-shaped cabinets mainly relies on the cabinet itself and the wall cabinet above. If you don't put the refrigerator, you can have more storage space, but it is still not enough. So if there is space to use on the side, buying a trolley or wall shelf can make the flat-shaped kitchen more storage and become more practical. The main purpose of choosing one-shaped cabinets as the design of the kitchen is to leave more space for activities, so that when we usually cook, we will not feel too crowded and will be more comfortable. Of course, L-shaped cabinets are also a good choice. Most of the small-sized kitchens can be made in a straight shape, and they can be made in an L shape.
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