Is it okay to make your own cabinets? Precautions for homemade brick cabinets!

As we all know, the cabinet is equivalent to the entire cooking area, so friends are very attentive when buying, but I believe many people will find that the cabinets sold on the market sometimes do not meet their ideal requirements at all, so there are many at this time. People will choose to make their own cabinets, so is it okay to make their own cabinets? What's the difference compared to finished cabinets? Let's take a look with the editor below. Is it good to make cabinets by yourself? 1. Generally speaking, the materials used in self-made cabinets are usually of ordinary types. For some ordinary furniture, it is no problem to finish, but it is difficult to resist the kitchen when used to make cabinets. The humidity, high temperature and corrosiveness of the cabinet, and the finished cabinet is slightly better in durability, after all, it is professionally measured and designed by the designer. 2. In terms of workmanship, for self-made cabinets, it is usually carried out during home decoration construction. Because the carpenter does not have a deep understanding of the various requirements of the cabinet, the production process is inevitably rough, and the finished cabinet is due to rich experience. , There are strict specifications from cutting, polishing to installation, and the product technology is of course far better than 'self-made'. 3. In terms of practicability, in general, homemade cabinets basically only have storage functions, but lack of consideration for the picking and placement of objects and how to use the space to the greatest extent. The finished cabinets are designed with thoughtful and ingenious functions. Combine various functional accessories together and maximize the use of space for easy access. 4. From the price point of view, I believe that price is the biggest advantage of self-made cabinets. Compared with the price of one or two thousand one square meter for finished cabinets, self-made cabinets are more affordable. Moreover, if you purchase a cabinet, you must choose the corresponding one. Range hoods, gas stoves, in this way, the choice of space is relatively narrow, you can not buy the most desirable items. Precautions for self-made brick cabinets Before construction, it is best to buy stoves, basins and other items in advance. Since they are not professional, it is easy to go wrong only by imagination, so it is best to design first, and then consult the relevant personnel Whether this layout is reasonable, and it is recommended to add a wood board on the side of the brick, otherwise it will not be able to install horizontal drawers or blue. In addition, pay attention to hitting a wooden strip on the upper hinge, otherwise it will be very difficult to install the door panel. Summary: Okay, the above is the introduction of whether you can make cabinets yourself. I hope to provide you with some help. I believe that in the process of making cabinets by yourself in the future, friends will be more handy and create their own satisfactory products.
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