Is it necessary to wrap the range hood in a cabinet? My parents have been arguing about this for three days!

When decorating the cabinets, the family members had a disagreement about whether to use the cabinet to hold the range hood. My opinion is still not included. I don't know why I have to spend this money? Parents’ opinions are still good. What do you think? Doesn't it look so good when the packaged design draft is like this? I heard that the master who installed the hood said that it is not convenient to change and repair the package afterwards. It is convenient to leave a living mouth. Practicality is the most important thing, right? There are also many friends who said that after a long time after packing, the oil fume will stick to the gap of the cabinet of the range hood, that is, the place where it is connected to the range hood will be difficult to clean? It is also said that the range hood is connected to Boeing hoses. It is ugly to be aged, and it accumulates dust. It is better to cover; the package is the price of a simple cabinet and two door panels. The budget for non-solid wood less than 800 is almost the same. , Although it is not particularly expensive, but I also feel that it is unnecessary to spend this money. This is an unpackaged design drawing. My home is an open kitchen. It feels more concise and beautiful to expose the fuselage. What do you think? For this matter, I also consulted the merchants of the cabinets. Their answer is very simple; in general, the side suction bag is not the top suction bag, but for the sake of beauty, most people choose to wrap it. Do you think it is better to wrap it or not to wrap it?
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