Introduction to the top ten brands of cabinets How to customize cabinets

Original title: Top ten brands of cabinets introduce how to customize cabinets. Cabinets are important furniture in the kitchen. Especially in a small area kitchen, you can clearly know the importance of cabinets. If there is no cabinet, the furniture will look very difficult to use. Below is the cabinet. Introduction to the top ten brands. When buying cabinets, you can take a look at which brand is better. Some people also want to customize cabinets. How to customize the cabinets?    One. Introduction to the top ten brands of cabinets 1. Top ten brands of Oupai cabinets, Oupai Home Furnishing Group Co., Ltd., started in 1994, is the compilation unit of the residential kitchen industry standard, with integrated cabinets as its flagship, and a comprehensive modern integrated home furnishing service provider in China. 2. Hanli Guangdong Hanli Home Furnishing Group Co., Ltd., China environmental label certification product, famous trademark in Guangdong Province, top ten cabinet brands, chairman unit of China Overall Home Furnishing Alliance, dedicated to the production and research and development of cabinets and wardrobes, integrating design and research and development A home furnishing enterprise integrating production, sales and supporting services. 3. Zhibang Kitchen Cabinet Zhibang Kitchen Cabinet Co., Ltd., a famous brand in Anhui Province, top ten brands of cabinets, the first domestic 'photo kitchenA specialized kitchen cabinet company operating. 4. Gold Medal Kitchen Cabinet Xiamen Gold Medal Kitchen Cabinet Co., Ltd., a famous brand in Fujian Province, top ten kitchen cabinet brands, Fujian famous brand products, main participating units of national standards for household kitchen equipment, high-tech enterprises, professional and high-quality kitchen products and services business. 5. Dicano Hefei Bokai Kitchen Decoration Co., Ltd., Dicano Dicano, the director unit of the Cabinet Committee of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, the top ten brands of kitchen cabinets, the member unit of the National High-tech Building and Building Materials Committee, and the top European production equipment, all Industrial chain cabinet large-scale production base, a large-scale home furnishing enterprise integrating professional Ru0026D, production, sales, installation and service.  6, Piano    Guangdong Piano Scientific Artist House Co., Ltd., Guangdong famous brand product, Guangdong Province famous trademark, high-end customized home furnishing brand, and a scientific artist house builder who takes into account the traditional cooking habits of Chinese families.  7. Guangzhou Shangpin Home Furnishing Co., Ltd., a well-known brand of furniture customization for the whole house, executive director of China Interior Decoration Association, an overall custom home chain agency that introduces new digital technology and unique marketing mode.  8, Weiyi    Foshan Weishang Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Weiyi Wayes, a well-known whole-house furniture customization brand, took the lead in proposing the concept of digital customization, and a high-tech enterprise that focuses on using innovative technology to serve furniture. 9. Kefan Foshan Kefan Household Products Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of cabinets, the leader in custom furniture for the whole house, and the operator of custom home life with brand chaining/service innovation/product integration, with the 'custom five-star' Home' is well-known in the industry.  10, Simi    Simi Kitchen Cabinet Co., Ltd., originated in 1934, is one of the top ten cabinet brands, and belongs to the well-known French overall kitchen planner and cabinet exporter SALM Group. In 2014, it was introduced to China by the bespoke home furnishing industry giant Sophia. 2. How to customize the cabinet 1. When customizing the thickness of the cabinet board, you must check whether the thickness of the cabinet board reaches 16~18mm. The service life of this kind of products can be extended by more than double, and it can also effectively prevent Cracks on the countertops, deformation of the door panels, etc. 2. Whether independent cabinets and cabinets are connected to the whole set of cabinets will have an impact on its stability. Compared with independent styles, its service life and stability will be much worse, but the cost is not much different. In addition, independent cabinets Each cabinet assembled by a single cabinet should have its own packaging, and it is easy to judge in front of the cabinet installation table. 3. Assembling method The assembling method of the cabinet should be paid attention to. Some small factories or hand-made on site are mostly connected with screws and rivets or glue. Nowadays, many cabinets with rod and tenon reinforcement installation methods can more effectively ensure the cabinet. The firmness and endurance are more environmentally friendly. 4. Is the back panel single-sided or double-sided sealed? In order to save money to the utmost extent, some manufacturers only seal the back panel of the cabinet on one side, and the side that is not normally visible is exposed, but in fact, the back panel of the cabinet is exposed. The back panel is prone to damp and mildew, and it is also easy to release formaldehyde, which will bring pollution to the home. Therefore, it is necessary to know whether to use double-sided sealing.   The top ten cabinet brands are introduced as above. You can see that there are actually many cabinet brands, and there are many brands that have not been presented. If you are not satisfied with these cabinets, you can also choose to customize and have unique products. How to customize the cabinet? Customization is very simple, just put forward your own requirements for the cabinet.

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