Introduction to the relevant details of the U-shaped handle


As an important part of industrial hardware accessories, U-shaped handles play a very important role like handles of other shapes and styles. Next, we will discuss the colors, styles, specifications, and specifications of U-shaped handles. A brief introduction to the material and other aspects.

Usage and color: widely used in furniture cabinets, U-shaped handles can be embedded in high-end cabinet accessories with new popular elements. They are made with brand-new craftsmanship and are produced in accordance with the standards of works of art. They are electroplated into fashionable antiques and fashionable colors. Representative colors can be bronze, antique, antique silver, roasted black, gold-plated, chrome-plated and rare colors. Uses: U-shaped handles are part of home decoration hardware, mainly used in furniture, bathroom cabinets, cabinets, wardrobes Waiting for furniture. It has a decorative function, but its main function is to pull and cooperate.

U-shaped handle styles: European style, pastoral style, aluminum alloy series, zinc alloy series, cabinet series, classical series, ceramic series, single hole series, etc.

Main materials: aluminum alloy, copper material, zinc alloy material, wood material, plastic material, aluminum material, ceramic material, etc.

General specifications: single hole and two holes. The center hole spacing: 32 mm, 64 mm, 76 mm, 96 mm, 128 mm, 160 mm, 192 mm, 224 mm, 256 mm, 288 mm, 320 mm, 480 mm and other specifications are more common.

Material: cold-drawn steel, stainless steel. Surface treatment: chrome-plated screws, easy to install. U-shaped handles can be customized according to customer requirements, stainless steel precision casting, sandblasting finishing.

Component type A: threaded holes are installed on the back. Type B: Straight, with through holes for mounting hexagon socket screws.

Characteristics and applications

Because the distance between the mounting holes of the A-type and B-type handles is equal, the handles can be installed in pairs opposite to each other.

304 stainless steel has corrosion resistance. It is used more in special sanitary, climate and environmental conditions, or in higher requirements. Generally, all machinery and equipment can be made of this material U-shaped handle.

Through the above simple explanation, I hope everyone can have a simple understanding of U-shaped handles. If you want to know more about handles, handwheels, and knobs, please pay attention to Yantai Tanjia Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. the company.

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