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Introduction to the corrosion resistance of military hinges

by:Hench Hardware     2021-06-14

Today's military box hinges are no longer purely mechanical, but also decorative, so if the shape and surface treatment are not good enough, they will definitely not be welcomed by consumers. So how to improve the corrosion resistance of the product and increase the service life of the product is the key.

At present, most of the anti-corrosion tests in the market tend to be salt spray tests. No matter how thick your electroplating layer is, the hinge market in my country is constantly expanding, and the technology is constantly innovating and developing. The mold and technology are also Continuously improving, stamping technology, mechanical equipment and processing production are the three important elements that constitute processing.

K05-Heavy hinge

Use SUS304 material

T-shaped design, rotation angle greater than 270°

Use: vehicles, industrial equipment, industrial cabinets

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