Introduction of industrial handle selection


The handle is a component that is installed on the door body to facilitate opening and closing of the door, and the quality is better than ordinary handles.

①According to material: single metal, alloy, plastic, ceramic, glass, etc.;

②According to shape: tube, strip, spherical and various geometric shapes, etc.;

③By style: single strip, double-headed, exposed, closed, etc.;

④By style: avant-garde, casual, nostalgic (such as rope or hanging bead) ;

L27-device handle

Aluminum alloy material

Bending handle:

W type : Tube body anodized, silver white, matt finish

Type B: tube body black, matt finish

The handle is extruded from aluminum

Installation: threaded blind hole

Use: can be used for kitchenware, numerical control equipment, testing equipment, medical equipment, etc.

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