Internet thinking achieves a focus effect, cabinet companies infiltrate it

On October 16, the '2014 New Internet Thinking and Business Model Breakthrough Forum' was held in Guangzhou. The boundaries of the Internet are constantly expanding, deeply integrated with all walks of life, and become an indispensable infrastructure like water, electricity, and highways. The transformation of the Internet to society has just begun, and everything will be turned upside down. In the future, there will not even be the term 'Internet company

  The Internet era should establish a commercial order

  In the Internet era, cabinet companies should establish 'omni-channel, full-experience-a new customer-centric business order'. The changes brought about by the Internet impact are rapid, significant, and thorough. Information asymmetry no longer exists, and regional monopoly no longer exists. The cornerstone of traditional channels has been shaken completely. For the first time, suppliers have turned from strong to weak in the industrial strategic posture, and consumers have been given supreme and inalienable rights, thus opening a new chapter in sales. Cabinet companies must be good at using these advantages brought by the Internet.

  Internet thinking requires enterprises to use focus

   One of the most tangible things in Internet thinking: concentration. Whether it is category strategy, product focus, or brand positioning, the essence is in this sentence. However, the category strategy, product focus, or brand positioning are not exclusive products of the Internet. In order to be able to defeat their strong competitors in the shortest time, cabinet companies can only rely on product focus to create a new product category and become the leader of this new category.

   The information interaction and information dissemination functions brought about by Internet technology have greatly enhanced the development speed of this product focus and the effect of the development of new categories.

  Cabinet enterprises should pay attention to the correct direction of development

   This can be reminiscent of some common business development models, or category expansion models. More and more cabinet companies are constantly expanding new related category businesses in addition to their main business. This is of course forced by business development to a large extent, but is such category expansion a curse or a blessing for the long-term development of the company? Cabinet companies may need the so-called Internet thinking to remind themselves of the correct development direction from time to time.
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