International architectural and home color trends recently released in Beijing

At the invitation of the China Real Estate Industry Chain Theme Summit and the organizer of the 16th CIHAF China Real Estate Fair, Ms. Monika Fecht, an international color trend expert and chief designer of the German Renault Group, in 2015 On January 20, 2005, at the National Convention Center, Beijing, China, she released her latest fashion color research results-'Color Journey 2015/2016' International Architecture and Home Color Trends for many industry partners and designer friends.

   This press conference is the world's first release of 'Color Journey 2015/2016'. Monika uses the swimming formation of deep-sea fish, the flying formation of migratory birds in the sky, and the surging formation of lava during volcanic eruption.

The theme of    elaborated on the 12 popular colors of cool, neutral and warm colors from 2015 to 2016. It is a very lucky and precious 'color journey' for every audience at the scene!

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