Installation process of stainless steel handle

Door handle equipment process:    1. Open the door first, so that the internal and external door handles can be operated together. Locate the two screws on the inner door handle cover. These screws are for the inner and outer door handles that are fixed together.  2. Turn the two screws counterclockwise with a cross-head screwdriver, pull the inner door handle away from the door and pull the outer door handle away from the door.  3. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws on the outer edge of the fixed latch door. Out of the door, pull out the latch plate assembly.  4. Use a Phillips screwdriver counterclockwise on the two fixed strike plate door frames, and pull the door frame plates to fall.  5. Pass the new latch plate assembly through the door on the edge of the hole, and a part of the curve of the latch bolt should point to the outside of the door. Door latch fixing plate door door handle kit with wood screws by the way.   6. The door that entered the door pierced the outer door handle from the outside. Usually two sleeves, the cylinder inside the latch hole, will fit. Press the door handle until the cover is close to the door.  7. The inner door handle pierced into the door is from the inside of the door. Two fixing screws, thread the screw thread rolling clockwise from the hole on the cover to the outer door pull the glove, tighten the screw with a Phillips screwdriver.   8. On the curved door frame around the inside of the door frame, fix the impact plate and the kit with screws.  
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