Innovative insurance marketing model PICC E-commerce won the 2020 Golden Flag Award 'E-commerce Marketing Gold Award'

  Recently, the '2020 Golden Flag Award' award ceremony hosted by China Public Relations Network was grandly held in Beijing. PICC won the 2020 Golden Flag Award-E-commerce Marketing Gold Award in one fell swoop with the 'Insurance Collection' marketing case.

  Innovative e-commerce marketing and promotion model, PICC's 'Insurance Collection' marketing case won the prize

  Golden Flag Award was established in 2010. Since its inception, it has attracted the participation of many Fortune 500 companies and has become an authoritative award in the public relations and marketing industry with international influence. The selection of the Golden Flag Award lasted for three months. After two rounds of rigorous review by 101 experts, the PICC E-commerce 'Insurance Collection' event marketing case stood out among 863 applications, and finally won the 2020 Golden Flag Award-Electric Commercial Marketing Gold Award.

  This award not only represents the professional review organization’s recognition of PICC’s e-commerce marketing strength, but also represents its recognition of PICC’s promotion of online transformation, keeping up with the trend of the times and innovating marketing models, upholding the “insurance + technology + Affirmation of the construction of the new business model of 'service'.

   PICC launched the '12.12 Heartwarming Purchase ‘Guarantee’ You Surprise' event, watch the live broadcast and win the lucky bag

  Combined with the increasing demand of users for online services and insurance protection services, PICC recently launched the '12.12 Warm Heart Shopping, 'Guard' Your Surprise' campaign, and selected a variety of user scenarios involving family, health, travel, etc. Star product. In order to give back to the majority of users, PICC launched discount activities for hot-selling products such as personal accident insurance and pet liability insurance. During the event, when you place an order through the 'PCC' WeChat mini program live room, you can also enjoy a variety of product exclusive live room discounts, and you can participate in the lucky bag draw by watching the live broadcast. PICC continues to launch the “Sign up for WeChat Official Account Member to Win Good Gifts” activity. While understanding and using more convenient 7*24-hour online insurance services, you also have the opportunity to win wonderful benefits.

  7*24-hour online service platform, PICC continues to provide customers with warmer services

  With the full penetration of the mobile Internet in various life scenes, people’s lifestyles have undergone great changes. PICC follows the trend of the times and launches the “PICC” WeChat official account, WeChat applet, APP and other online services The platform allows customers to enjoy 7*24-hour online insurance services anytime and anywhere through a mobile phone, providing a more convenient lifestyle for the public.

  It is understood that, through the PICC online service platform, in addition to insurance, renewal, and electronic policy inquiries, a variety of products such as auto insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, liability insurance, and home property insurance can also be used. Stand-alone online claims settlement. It is worth mentioning that this year, PICC launched the 'Video Claims' on the basis of 'Thumb Claims' for the online claims of auto insurance. With this function, customers can have online 'face-to-face' and 'one-to-one' online claims with survey personnel. Carry out claims service, assist car owners to complete auto insurance report, survey, loss assessment and other process services independently on the spot, solve some customers' unfamiliar and unfamiliar problems with online claim settlement operations, so that more customers can easily enjoy the convenience of online insurance services . In the future, PICC will continue to provide first-class insurance protection services for the whole society and the general public, and provide a warm people's insurance.
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