Industry competition is very fierce, cabinet companies need to deepen market means

The cabinet market is highly competitive. Although the development is stable, there are also many problems in the cabinet market. Therefore, whether it is to adopt a brand strategy, develop a whole-house customization market, or enter e-commerce channels, cabinet companies need to continuously deepen their market means in order to win a better tomorrow!

   cabinet companies need to work hard to build a brand

   Although the big market environment is not good, some companies that do branding and domestic market have experienced rapid growth last year. To be a brand now is a lot more difficult than a few years ago. Therefore, cabinet companies still have to build their own brands: in terms of product research and development, they must be suitable for current consumer groups to innovate. It does not have to be 'tall. This simple and rude way of building a brand is outdated. Cabinet companies only need to have their own 'fan group' to be recognized by a segment of the market and work hard in a more segmented market.

   Whole house customization has become a trend

   At the same time, there are also some new growth points worthy of the excitement of cabinet companies. For example, the whole-house customization market is developing rapidly. Under this consumption trend, people's consumption concepts have changed, and individualized needs have been paid more and more attention. In recent years, many cabinet companies have also begun to intervene in this one. The furniture made at the decoration site is poorly crafted and not environmentally friendly, but through the whole house customization, the factory has good production equipment, and the craftsmanship and environmental protection are also better. The decoration site is only installed, which also reduces the time for consumers to decorate . Of course, for cabinet companies, to intervene in the whole house customization, you need to deal with the designer, the factory production equipment investment must be more intelligent, and the customization requires accurate data control.

  E-commerce is the key to the development of the cabinet industry

   In addition, under the new consumption trend, cabinet companies must continue to explore sales models, and e-commerce is a big growth point in the future. According to the China E-commerce Research Center, in 2015, the e-commerce scale of home building materials in my country will reach 205 billion, of which, the scale of online shopping will increase by 249%, and the online shopping rate will reach 17.5%. But at present, China's cabinet industry does not have a particularly successful company in terms of e-commerce. There is a lack of leaders and e-commerce talents are still relatively weak. Cabinet companies need to be fully prepared to enter e-commerce.

   In short, in the face of increasingly fierce competition, cabinet companies can only gain a place in the market only by constant adjustments.
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