Industrial clusters are a double-edged sword, cabinet companies still need to use caution

Any industry will experience a low point in its development, and so does the cabinet industry. After the rapid development at the beginning of this century, the current domestic cabinet industry has slowed down, market competition is fierce, product homogeneity is serious, brand price wars, and a series of problems have become increasingly prominent. Therefore, how the cabinet industry will develop in the future, where is the next breakthrough point for the entire industry, whether the industry needs to be grouped for heating, or whether it is independent, etc., have all become topics of concern to major cabinet companies.

  Industrial clusters bring power to cabinet companies

   Most of the cabinet manufacturers in my country are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places, and the main furniture production and distribution centers in the country are also concentrated in these areas. Cabinet companies can use their geographical advantages to find industry development through the 'cluster effect' new momentum.

   In the future, if the cabinet industry wants to become bigger and stronger, it will require businesses to develop together in a group. Through the agglomeration of relevant elements such as brand enterprises, outstanding talents, professional services, major industry events, government policy support and financing, the cabinet industry and related economic activities can be relatively concentrated in the physical space of regional clusters, resulting in agglomeration effect, perfect Presenting all-round development advantages such as industrial scale, technical equipment, brand clustering, and perfect industrial chain, is this way to truly complete the building of the cabinet industry ecosystem and directly and effectively promote the development of the cabinet industry.

   Competition in industrial clusters may make enterprises more frustrated

   It is true that industrial clusters can bring more opportunities for cabinet companies, and group warming also allows everyone to share risks and make it easier to develop. Due to the geographical proximity, the self-reinforcing mechanism of competition within the industrial cluster will form a natural selection mechanism of 'survival of the fittest' within the cluster, stimulating enterprise innovation and enterprise spin-off. Within the cluster, a large number of companies gather with each other, not only in fierce market competition, but also in various forms of cooperation. However, if the enterprise itself is not strong enough to keep up with the 'partners

   As the saying goes, everything has two sides. The same is true for the industrial clusters in the cabinet industry. It is good to be grouped for warmth; but if the 'partners' cannot come together in development, it may bring greater Contradictions, let everyone please!
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