Increase the added value of the cabinet industry, transformation and adjustment become a new symbol

Some insiders once said that technology-intensive, capital-intensive, and knowledge-intensive should become a new industry symbol. The cabinet industry is currently more of a labor-intensive industry, and the added value of the industry is relatively low. Therefore, only by realizing the development of high-tech connotation and high-performance intelligent elements can the cabinet industry go further.

   Of course, if cabinet companies want to form advanced green manufacturing technology, brand economy-led industry ecology, knowledge-intensive talent distribution, and fair, open and sustainable business models, they must solve some problems.

  The industrial structure is unreasonable

   Many cabinet companies have problems such as irrational product and industrial structure, weak innovation capabilities, lack of core key technologies, and shortage of deep-level talents. Structural, low-end and overcapacity, the bitter fruit can only be tasted by everyone. 'Low-end surplus' has caused the overall inability of my country's cabinet industry to compete with the international market and foreign-funded enterprises. Small-volume, low-level manufacturers flood the market with low-priced products, bringing vicious 'competition' and 'price war' to the industry. It is becoming increasingly fierce. With the regulation of the market and the continuous upgrading of products and services, the market for low-end products is getting smaller and smaller.

   The great leap forward investment in the cabinet industry in recent years has intensified the repeated construction of low-end products and increased the difficulty of industrial restructuring. The most direct consequence is the decline in corporate profits. It can be said that some small and medium-sized enterprises and inferior product manufacturers are facing a crisis of survival.

  The cost continues to rise

   Looking at the domestic and even global environment for the development of the cabinet industry, no matter from the macro or the micro level, it is impossible to change the development trend of the cabinet industry's 'mean profit'. The price of raw materials has been rising all the way, labor costs have risen sharply, and product homogeneity competition has become more and more serious. Consumers are increasingly calling for personalized and green cabinet products. Under the macro environment of increasing international trade barriers, the 'high output, low income' situation of the cabinet industry has become more and more intense.

   The rising production and operating costs of the cabinet industry, including rising labor costs, rising prices of production factors, increasing management and transportation costs, etc., will become a long-standing problem for a certain period of time.

   Long transition adjustment period

   For a long time in the future, how to deal with and solve these problems is the focus of domestic cabinet companies. In the process of transformation and adjustment, the cabinet industry will face a lot of unknown content. How to find the right path of development in exploration is not only what cabinet companies need to face in practice, but also the industry needs to think about. Transformation and adjustment will not be successful overnight. Great efforts and costs are required for it.

   Transformation and adjustment are related to the overall sustainable development of the entire industry. Even if the growth of the enterprise is under pressure, efforts must be made to promote it. Cabinet enterprises must be down-to-earth with the determination and courage to 'break their arms'. Only in this way can they continue to maintain the sustainable and healthy development of the industry and realize the 'dream of a strong country' in the cabinet industry.
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