In the next 5-10 years, Fujian will build a kitchen and bathroom industry cluster of 100 billion yuan

“At present, major cabinet brand giants, including gold cabinets, have adopted different methods and channels to build production bases in Tong’an Industrial Zone. It is expected that within 3 to 5 years, Tong’an Industrial Zone will become the most concentrated area of u200bu200bXiamen’s cabinet industry. The annual output value of a single cabinet is expected to reach 3 billion to 5 billion yuan.' Chen Zhuang, secretary-general of the Fujian Cabinet Industry Chamber of Commerce, said that the planning of the 10 billion kitchen and bathroom industrial park is making drastic changes in Xiamen's cabinet industry.

   At present, Xiamen has more than 100 various cabinet production and sales enterprises, with 1,000 stores, and the total sales for many years have been ranked in the forefront of the country. At the 2nd China Xiamen International Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition and the 2nd Xiamen International Door, Window and Wood Industry Exhibition, Xiamen was identified as the 'Haixi Sanitary Ware Center

   Xiamen took the lead in establishing a cabinet industry organization in the country, held the first cabinet professional exhibition, established the first cabinet industrial park in the country, and established the first cabinet academy in the country to accumulate momentum for the sustainable development of the cabinet industry in the future In the past 5 to 10 years, the kitchen and bathroom industry in Fujian will be built into an industrial cluster with a scale of 100 billion yuan.

  Private enterprises become the driving force for change

   More than 10 years ago, when cabinets entered the Xiamen market from overseas in the form of home luxury goods, the kitchens of Xiamen people basically stayed in the 'fire era'. At that time, the cabinet market in Xiamen could not be described as high or low—there were very few consumers and the business was bleak. The driving force to change all of this stems from the rise of local private enterprises, the representatives of which are gold cabinets and good omen cabinets.

   In 1999, the gold cabinet and the good omen cabinet brand were formally established. In the face of the cabinet industry with unknown prospects at the time, private entrepreneurs boldly explored and worked hard. In the production link, local enterprises solved the large-scale production and individual needs In the market area, enterprises expand sales to increase the penetration rate of cabinets, actively explore and effectively control marketing channels; in terms of after-sales service, private enterprises continue to enhance their brand awareness and strive to improve their own service quality.

   With the continuous improvement of private entrepreneurs in the fields of production, market and service, more and more consumers’ attitudes towards cabinet products have begun to shift from rejection to acceptance. Xiamen’s cabinet market has gradually been opened up, and cabinets have begun to go. Into thousands of households. At the same time, the successful model explored by the leading companies in the Xiamen cabinet industry has been copied by many small companies. By 2001, Xiamen’s professional cabinet manufacturers had grown from a few in the past to more than 50, with more than 100 stores. Xiamen cabinet market Began to enter a new stage of development.

   In 2002, it was the beginning of Xiamen's cabinet products from 'the old Wangxietang Qianyan' to 'flying into the homes of ordinary people'. Colorful cabinets of different shapes appear in various propaganda media, just like a sweet and rich visual feast. Consumers' attention was drawn, and the sales volume of cabinet products began to soar. In just two years, the per household penetration rate of Xiamen's cabinets has rapidly increased from less than 10% in the past to more than 90%, and the popularity is far in the forefront of the country.

   The rapid development of the local market did not stop the Xiamen cabinet companies. These companies humbly learn advanced experience and technology from their counterparts at home and abroad, and try to adopt new European materials to achieve faster cabinet design and product quality. As a result, cabinet products have gradually begun to go out of Xiamen, out of Fujian, and out of the country.
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