In the era of service economy, cabinet companies need to transform

It is understood that under the huge production and transaction volume of the cabinet industry, it also conceals complaints involving huge amounts. 80% of the problems in the complaints are concentrated in the sales and after-sales service links. Cabinet companies need to realize that now that they have entered the era of service economy, the market competitiveness will be lackluster if the service is not done well.

  Good service can relieve consumers of after-sales worries

  The overall cabinets have allowed consumers to fully experience modern kitchen life because of their unique, distinctive creativity, personality, and practical functions. The cabinet products not only play a traditional function but also reflect the achievements of art and humanity. However, everything has two sides, which at the same time increases the order and installation process of the whole cabinet.

  Meticulous and comprehensive service is an important condition for a good cabinet. This service not only includes pre-sales on-site room design, on-site careful installation during sale, but also includes after-sales service. Good after-sales service can relieve consumers of worries. Such as the establishment of user files, timely return visits, timely resolution of problems, etc.

  The focus of enterprises should be tilted to terminal consumer services

  The cabinet product is a low-attention, durable product, in addition to the color of the product itself, the design meets consumer comfort, practicality and other functions. Consumers pay particular attention to brand services. What is more important should be the experience before purchase, the feeling during the purchase, and the follow-up services after the purchase. A truly responsible brand and company will focus more energy on its terminal consumer services and enhance terminal partners’ understanding of the terminal. The services demanded by consumers truly help consumers solve their one-stop needs before, during, and after purchase.

   High-quality products and high-quality services have a reputation

  A cabinet company can only truly provide consumers with a high-quality product and high-quality service, and let consumers truly recognize that you are a brand in their hearts, can they be called a responsible company, not just some self-owned The display of advertising boasts. The long-lasting business operation must return to excellent product quality and high-quality service. This is the foundation of marketing, the foundation of the enterprise, the foundation of survival, and the foundation of the benign industry. It is not part of the enterprise itself to run away from the main responsibility of the enterprise, and it will eventually be spurned by consumers. Only products and services are the king and avenue for survival and development in the future. Only by conscientiously practicing can cabinet companies remain invincible.
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