In the era of mobile Internet, cabinet companies must grasp word-of-mouth brands with both hands

With the development of network technology, many cabinet companies have begun to use the Internet for promotion and marketing, but not all companies can use it freely. In the Internet age, enterprises must pay attention to the cultivation of cabinet brands by leveraging the Internet.

   Word of Mouth Affects Brands in the Era of Mobile Internet

   There is currently a view that advertising is dead in the Internet age. In fact, the biggest challenge brought by the Internet is how to understand that good communication will lead to bad products to die faster. Especially today, when the Internet gives consumers an unprecedented increase in the right to speak, word-of-mouth management of cabinet products is more important now. Because the media in the past was one-way, monopoly, high unit price, and must be delivered in large quantities, while the media in the mobile Internet era is interactive, open, low-cost, free, and accurate. The same past users, that is, consumers are isolated, weak, and basically influential, while users in the era of mobile Internet are social, strong, and mutual influence will make or destroy the company's brand.

  The greater the influence of the company, the greater the value of brand equity

   With the emergence and development of the mobile Internet, social media has become an online platform for people to share insights, information, ideas and build relationships with each other. It is composed of communities that establish network relationships with like-minded people. In a certain sense, users of every product or brand in the Internet age exist on social media. Even if a user is silent, his family, friends, colleagues, etc. will influence him on social media. In other words, brand users appear in groups on social media, and consumers pay more attention to the perceived impressions displayed by the brand and the perceived quality of products when shopping online. This is closely related to the influence of information on social media. important. The deeper the consumer's understanding of the cabinet brand, the greater the influence of the cabinet brand, and the greater the value of the asset value of the cabinet brand. Therefore, cabinet companies need to continuously deepen consumers' understanding of the brand and promote the influence of the brand.

   Generally speaking, the development of cabinet enterprises needs to conform to the trend of the times, be good at building a good reputation, and tap brand influence in order to not be eliminated in the fierce market competition.
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