In the era of individual consumption, cabinet companies need to think about how to be different

With the development of the times, the cabinet market has matured day by day. Throughout the nearly two decades of development of the cabinet industry in our country, the 'promotional war' has become a no-smoke war that major cabinet companies have to participate in. Nowadays, cabinet promotion activities have become normal, making cabinet prices have not been raised, and consumers have become 'unfavorable'. Unless the product participates in discounts and promotions, they usually do not buy household products. This is for cabinet companies. It is very unfavorable.

   Nowadays, it has entered the peak sales season promoted by cabinet companies, and sales promotion activities are endless, but there are only a small number of people who actually buy furniture products. The main reason is that the individuality is not prominent. The current 'homogenization' phenomenon in the cabinet industry is serious. Many companies have neither individual consumption methods nor individual design product consumption, and their attractiveness to consumers is gradually weakening. it's the same.

  Individual consumption is increasingly attracting consumers

  In this era of individuality, in order to retain consumers, furniture stores and businesses can say that they have come up with various ways to get the pulse of consumers. Just in the activities of furniture stores and brands during this year's 'October 1st' period, 'clues' can be found. For example, some cabinet companies have begun to appear in the market to provide free design references based on the home improvement styles of different households, and give consumers certain discounts, so that consumers can smoothly place orders at the same time. Various stores and brands are also launching services such as free transportation and installation on the basis of promotion to solve the additional costs of consumers.

   Various signs indicate that personalized consumption has become one of the channels for merchants to insight into consumers. In addition to prices and discounts, merchants can use personality to spy on consumer demand and consumption habits, and then launch related services or products to impress consumers . For consumers, 'what to buy' and 'how to buy' furniture products are problems that plague them at the moment. Once the merchant can tailor a consumption plan that belongs to the consumer, it will become more refreshing to pay for consumption.

  Individualized design into the cabinet brand 'killer'

   In addition to the promotion of individualized consumption, the attitude of the merchants towards the 'promotional war' has changed. In recent years, designs and products tailored to the needs of consumers have become very popular in the market, and they have also become the 'killer' for cabinet companies to compete for the market. Personalized design products, in addition to showing consumers' unique hobbies, are also their personal souls, so humanized design and unique style can be said to be favored. Chinese consumers have experienced the era of rapid improvement in material life. When the 'material desire' gradually recedes, they have requirements for the quality of life, and begin to reflect on their own lives, design begins to be useful and gradually becomes the soul of the home furnishing industry. . The pursuit of individuality is no longer a matter of 'individuality

   Generally speaking, personalized furniture products not only focus on the appearance design of the product, but also have the same practicality to be favored by consumers. With the continuous improvement of consumption levels, consumers demand for household products With higher and higher levels, furniture companies can only continue to innovate products and improve product quality, so as to have a long-term foothold in the market.
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