Imported paint-free decorative panels improve the safety of kitchen cabinet decorative panels

The current paint-free decorative panel industry needs such products, with unique material performance, driving design changes, and bringing customers an excellent end product experience. The materials themselves need to be eye-catching and environmentally friendly enough to cope with the current trends. Strict environmental protection requirements must also retain certain market exclusive attributes for customers to protect their interests from loss. Spain's Thriveyb, as an international high-end home furnishing material supplier, has also in-depth cooperation with the leading domestic decorative panel company Yingbao Group. Through its strong channel capabilities, it has entered the domestic high-end home furnishing material supply chain, conformed to the international fashion trend, and accumulated industry along the way. Word of mouth has gradually become familiar to major high-end home furnishing companies and provide services for them. Thriveyb is located on the Mediterranean coast northeast of Barcelona, u200bu200bthe industrial center of Spain's second largest city. The products are mainly composed of the three series of imported decorative panels, ice pure series, and Zhen·Wood grain, enriching the choice of domestic paint-free decorative panel industry with a high degree of quality. Imported veneer panels are made of natural peeled pine wood, which is made into 5-layer oriented OSB panels by the world’s advanced diamond paving machine, which is green and environmentally friendly, and the oriented structure panel is a five-layer structure so that the panel size is stable and not deformed; the ice-pure series of products have been widely used It is applied to all kinds of food, medicine, aseptic packaging materials, cutting and sealing, easy to shape, and does not burst or collapse during processing, which overcomes the shortcomings of UV board to a certain extent; Zhen·Wood grain series are derived from nature The texture maintains the natural texture of the wood grain, distinguishes it from the traditional printing process, and uses a series of new technologies to achieve the true presentation of the product texture. With more and more choices in the decoration material market today, decoration materials are blooming, and Thriveyb paint-free imported decorative panels give it unique characteristics and natural textures, giving nature the natural color that nature should have, and opening up paint-free imports. The new era of decorative panels brings more choices to people.
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