Husband insisted that no ceiling should be installed in the living room, and the cabinets had green doors.

Our new house was decorated by my husband. The 85 square meter house cost 170,000 yuan, which is not bad. The size of the apartment is small and the cost is similar, but the final effect is difficult to describe. Anyway, I was confused for a long time after seeing it at first sight. Let me talk about the positive side first. My husband is a meticulous person. He is thoughtful and maximizes the storage function at home, which is very rare. He built a desk in the bedroom, which created an extra study room. The most surprising thing is that he also built a storage design on the wall behind the toilet and a cabinet on the balcony. The above designs are pretty good, but I insist on not installing ceilings in the living room, and the kitchen cupboards have green cabinet doors. I don’t appreciate it, and I had a fight with my husband because I don’t know how long it will take to get used to this. Style. Don't talk nonsense, just show you the picture above. On the right side of the entrance door is the porch storage cabinet, and the upper and lower are closed cabinet doors. The middle position is left empty and the storage function is powerful. On the left hand side is a group of simple small shoe cabinets, and a group of sideboards, which are practical. Everyone can see the decoration style of my house, it is simple style. The entrance door is the restaurant. The location is small and the decoration is very simple. I bought a set of stylish and simple dining tables and chairs, black and white, classic and beautiful. The living room area is small, so my husband didn’t want to make a ceiling, so he walked around with plaster line, so it looked a little more empty. He bought a set of warm yellow bread soft sofas, which are very comfortable to sit on, and also matched with a small one. The coffee table is very delicate in black and white. The living room has a balcony, and a set of cabinets are built on the balcony. Later, I plan to put a few pots of green plants on the countertop, and then put a set of leisure tea tables and chairs in the middle. When it is empty, it is still very comfortable to drink tea, read a book and soak up the sun. Comfortable. This is the cabinet on the other side, and the washing machine is ready to be placed next to it. The washing machine in my house was bought at the time of renting the house, the one covered directly above, the size of this space is just right. The kitchen is the most unaccustomed design in the whole house. It feels that it is too different from the overall decoration style. The decoration is L-shaped and covered with antique floor tiles. This is durable and stain-resistant. Cabinets and wall cabinets are built to ensure enough Storage space. But the cabinet door is bright grass green. My husband said that it looks refreshing and energetic. I don't take it seriously. What do you think? A set of mirror cabinets are installed above the countertop of the bathroom, and a towel rack is also arranged on the wall next to it, which is very convenient to use. This is the wall behind the toilet with a double-layer storage rack, which is very creative and super practical. The walls of the master bedroom are painted with a layer of warm-colored wall paint, and the wardrobe, TV cabinet and desk cabinet are customized. The space is used reasonably, so that you can work in the bedroom in the future, which is equivalent to an extra study room. There is also a small bay window next to it. In the afternoon, I can still sit on it, read a book and soak up the sun. It is pleasant to think about. This is a set of wardrobes built against the wall, sliding sliding doors, easy to use and space saving. The second bedroom is the room for the future child, with a small bed in the middle, and a desk next to the window, so that the child can read homework in his room in the future. This is the wardrobe of the second bedroom, which also has sliding doors, with a waistline in the middle, which looks more beautiful.
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