How to make a breakthrough in the cabinet industry, the key is to develop a smart strategy

my country's cabinet companies have always had the problems of disorderly agent management and too cumbersome channel system in channel construction. The management of agents is chaotic, and it is not easy to establish a stable cooperative relationship between cabinet companies and agents. This is the primary reason why agents frequently change owners; the cumbersome channel system not only increases operating costs, but also makes various links Information closure has led to inefficient operations.

  The low efficiency of channel operation directly affects the overall marketing plan and income of the cabinet. Therefore, the poor management of the cabinet channel is an important factor that prevents the cabinet market from being able to escape the bottleneck. Cabinet companies are about to endure the 'washing' of the market. If the channel construction is not hard, even if the cabinet companies have extraordinary strength, they will inevitably be eliminated.

   Nowadays, there are many imported cabinet companies entering the Chinese market. When competing with them, we should also learn from their advanced management methods, especially channel construction.

   We can see that the working efficiency of imported cabinet companies is extremely high, and the degree of cooperation and integration between the company and the store is also higher than that of the cabinet companies in my country. This is inseparable from the efficient mechanism of operation. It is understood that the imported cabinet companies are not adopting a pyramidal channel management model, but to reduce the middle management as much as possible, so that the decision-making level can communicate directly with agents and franchisees, so as to achieve two-way information exchange in the shortest time. It is conducive to the management of the agent by the enterprise and achieves a consistent step up and down.

   In addition, through flat management, the organization is streamlined and operations are standardized. Standardized management is more conducive to the enterprise's control of channels and establishing a stable development relationship with agents.

   In addition, when importing cabinet companies establish channels, they pay attention to the economic balance with agents to achieve a win-win situation for both parties. Although business cooperation is based on what they need, they must also know how to go hand in hand. Only when allies have common interests with themselves can the cooperation be long-lasting. Therefore, when the cabinet companies in our country select agents. Not only consider the benefits you can get from it, but also the benefits of your partners. 'The convenience with others is the convenience with oneself

   In addition to the above, there are still many improvements that my country's cabinet companies need to improve in channel construction. We hope that my country's cabinet companies can continue to enrich themselves and get out of the bottleneck as soon as possible to usher in the new year.
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